Friday, January 22, 2010

Jay Leno 2004

Still here.....barely

Sorry guys I know I've been gone a while but have been working on alot of things lately. Computer crashed, kid had surgery (he's fine), problems at work, problems at home. Everything is not going well. It's so bad that I might have to change my title to Dark Days!!!! Yep, I know I said that I would NEVER go to days but with the new Chief everyone is miserable. He has been here for about an year and just doesn't know how to make good decisions. My Sgt is starting a business just so that he can quit. Another two other Sgts are on the way out the door as well. I'd say about a third to half of patrol is planning or currently in the process of leaving. It's pretty bad. The only people really putting any effort is the rookies. Even the ones with experience are like what the fuck is going on here! They pretty much screwed me enough that I'm stuck at this department. I'm going to stick it out, hold my head high and work through the problems. I just figure since we can no longer can be cops that I'll just go to days and have better days off.