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Stirring the Pot Politically

I’m in the writing mood and wanting to make some comments about one of my favorite blogs I read. It’s from Officer Smith’s Thoughts from behind the badge. Officer Smith had a great post titled Myth’s and I read several readers comments. I just wanted to add a few comments of my own and that I felt would have took too much room on the Officer Smith’s comments section.

Warning this post is about to turn political very quick and the pot will be stirred guaranteed. You have been warned!

Edwin I have to applaud you for standing up for your beliefs and the Democrats. Nothing against Thebronze (btw love his blog too) but you very rarely see Democrats standing up in law enforcement. I believe this is extremely rare because Law Enforcement is very militaristic. In relation, law enforcement employs lot of ex-military. I do not fault this or find this to be negative but I firmly believe that the military from boot camp all the way to West Point cadets are trained to think, eat and believe republican. Being Republican is not the issue that I have. The issue is that every person should be allowed to have a CHOICE.

My personal back ground is that I grew up in the military and raised in a republican family. I chose unlike my siblings to attend college instead of joining the military. I have a ton of respect for our armed forces and still have family and friends enlisted. My issue is that they are trained to obey every command without question including political affiliation. I have 2 degrees and feel that I’m well educated. Part of my education is to question EVERYTHING. In law enforcement I still apply this to this date. I’m not going to believe a single person on the street just by what they tell me. I’m going to take it upon myself to seek out the evidence and to come to a conclusion myself. I just wish that everyone had these views. My point being that I can pick and choose which candidate or candidate’s values align with myself and/or my families. Unfortunately in recent years the choice of candidates has not been who you like but who you dislike the least.

My wife’s side of the family was strictly raised democrats. Her step brother just graduated from West Point in May and prior to him leaving he had very democratic views. To say the least he came home very republican. I’m not one to stump on someone beliefs but I did question him on his thought process.

My sister and brother in law are hard core republicans. My sister is and has always been against a certain topic (rhymes with shmashmortion). I’m not saying which way I believe but that is a view she is pretty hard core about. She will admit that Bush has failed us. I can respect that because we as a nation are clearly hurting. This makes me believe that she is not completely blind politically. My brother in law on the other hand is not as bright. He still believes that his Commander in Chief is the best thing to ever happen to this country and that we are headed in the right direction. I used to have intellectual conversations with him about politics but I cannot / will not talk politics with him now. He loses every conversation and cannot bring up anything rationally. I love him to death but come on! You just have to admit it when your boss has screwed the pouch. This is like some Enron employees coming up to me and saying Ken Lay is a really good guy and did a lot for the company. Rest his soul but he really screwed a lot of people.

If you were to ask me right now which party I HAD to align myself with I would have to say democrats (I'm actually an independent). I just don’t believe that our country is heading in the right direction. I feel that our president and his administration have greatly failed us as a nation. I feel that the Iraq war is the main reason. This war has taken too long and that it’s about time for Iraq walk on its own. We need to start putting an effort into our own nation to create jobs, stimulating our own economy, and restoring our reputation within the world.

Do I believe that Obama is capable of do this? Right now I’m not sure. I just know one thing is for sure. We cannot have more of the same. I know that this has been splattered on the news but I cannot agree with it more. I have a lot of respect for Senator McCain and was actually leaning to vote for him until he made the comments about keeping troops in Iraq for 100 years. Obviously we have to get out or our own economy is going to collapse. We just cannot afford to stay. Our own economy is hurting. Cost of living (and surviving) is sky rocketing. People are getting stressed about money, jobs and housing. I believe that we are just at the tip of the iceberg. We need a change of scenery and unfortunately Obama won the democratic nomination. The election is going to be very interesting because I do think that race is going to play a major factor. I believe that if Clinton would have won she would have strolled into the white house fairly easy. Oh well, I’m sure it’s going very entertaining all the way up to Nov. 4th.

P.S. 222 days until Bush is out of office!!!!!!!

P.S.S. You know I had to stir the pot a little more before I left lol.

I am no longer undefeated!!!

Update on The Teacher and the Traffic Stop

To make this story short, I lost my first case in court. It sucks, I am pissed but I’m not showing it to many people. You can say you can win some and lose some all day long but losing still sucks. I didn’t lose because of anything I did but because this asshole had a lot of connections within the city. I didn’t believe this but I later found out that he does in fact know everyone within the city.

He had two people on the jury that knew him. One older lady on the jury kept rolling her eyes at me and giving me dirty looks even before I got on the stand. I could tell she really didn’t like me for some reason. Another older guy just kept on shaking his head when I was on the stand and seemed to smile lot more while dickheads wife testified. After court was over I notice this older woman, the older guy and dickhead chumming it up out side like they have known each other for years.

Also this was the last case of the day and I could tell that the prosecutor wasn’t on his A-game. I had court earlier in the day on another traffic ticket. This guy had pictures, diagrams and presented everything perfectly. The prosecutor and I (pat on the back) did an awesome job. I won of course.

This last case this prosecutor just seemed like he was ready to go home or to the golf coarse. While on the stand we mostly talked about the conversation at the dick heads window and about me dropping my pen. I kept on trying to get to the point of that he never stopped at the stop sign. Dickhead called his wife to the stand and she was very well coached. She was lying her ass off and the prosecutor was just sitting there like nothing was going on. She was contradicting herself left and right and prosecutor only picked up on a few very minor things. I understand that the prosecutor wasn’t there but I explained everything very clearly to him before court. At the closing statement the dickhead blew up at the judge and started yelling at everyone. I am thinking that this really rattled the prosecutor because at his closing statement he brought up shrubs and bushes blocking visibility and neither myself or dickheads wife had that brought up.

While the jury was deliberating, I spoke to the bailiff an a few officers. I told them that we probably lost that one. They told me that dickhead probably lost it when he jumped up and started yelling at everyone. I was like no I seriously think that the prosecutor really got rattled and messed up. The jury took forever to come to an agreement and came back to not-guilty. I walk up to the prosecutor and said what happened? He said we lost and grabbed his stuff and quickly walked out of the building. I think he was more pissed than I was.

Patches the horse

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Mayor and Mr. Ramble.

This weekend was kind of slow or actually just nothing out of the ordinary. On Friday the Mayor decided to ride out with one of us. When I heard this I was praying that he was not going to get stuck with me. I had a feeling that he was going to ride out with me but after talking with my Sgt I think he could tell I was already having a bad day.

Friday wasn’t too bad but we have a new dispatcher that drives me NUTS. Everyone loves him because he voice is very crisp and clear. Everyone says he talks like the moviefone guy. I dislike him because he repeats everything 50 million times and never answers the radio the first time. He loves saying “Traffic, Please can your repeat your last transmission please”. How about 10-9 you dumb MF’er. OHHHH he drives me nuts. I don’t think there is a department in the world that doesn’t know what 10-9 is (BTW 10-9 = repeat your radio traffic or just repeat). He has been on night shift for about a week and I’m trying to be patient with him but he never listens to the radio. When I need a LP check I need it now. If I could wait I would have checked in on my computer in my car. Anyway on Friday he set me off first of the shift. I was trying to run some traffic when I spot an easy doper stop and Mr. Ramble all day long kept on jabbering on the radio to another officer. Since I’m not going to follow this doper all over the city so he can eat his dope I flip on my over heads to stop him. By the time Mr. Doper stops, Mr. Ramble stops talking as well. As I’m walking up to the vehicle I quickly call out the LP and that I’m on a traffic stop. Don’t worry my fellow LE brothers, I did check out on my computer for officer safety. As I’m almost to the back tail light Mr. Ramble gives out the code that I need to cancel and respond to a minor accident. I stop and walk back to my unit. When I get back to my car I ask if the accident had injuries? He responds no. I ask if the accident was blocking traffic. He responds NO. I’m thinking in my head that only one or two other officers are out on anything. I even check on my computer and I was right. Almost everyone else was free. Being the good obedient officer I clear and respond to the accident.

This accident was no big deal. I write it up and head to the station. Since I’m good friends with the dispatcher training Mr. Ramble I have a conversation that when pretty much started out…….WTF. She informs me that she told him to dispatch me to this accident. I asked “did you not see that I was already out on a traffic stop?” She said that she did not know that and that she hasn’t been watching Mr. Ramble very closely because he is in ghost phase of his training. I told her that he flat out that he sucks and needs to get off the air. She tells me that everyone on days have been giving him praise. I tell her that is because days suck and everything is slow on days. Nights are fast and if you not someone will get hurt. The Baddest of the bad come out at night. He walks in on our conversation and asks if anything was wrong? I tell him nothing that cannot be fixed. The training dispatcher and I go over some things to help him out. I have a quick chat with him and he thanks me for being honest. I tell him that I’m not one to sugar coat anything and that we are a team. If he has issues with my radio traffic I would hope that he would come to me as well. He explains that he will try to work on some of the things I was asking of him.

The shift continues and I can tell he is working on being quick to the point, on and off the radio as quickly as he can. I’m thinking hell yeah Mr. Ramble just might work out. With a little more experience on nights he really could be one of the best.

The Mayor arrives and My Sgt decides that the mayor will ride with him. Since I have never had someone this high profile ride out on our shift before I asked Sgt what he wanted from us. He tells me that he wants us to hammer it like we normally do. I pass the word to the other officers and of coarse you know what that means. NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!! For 3 hours we cannot get even a little weed or warrant arrest off of anyone. I’m thinking this is probably the slowest Friday in a while. I’m on a traffic stop on the other side of the city when a drunk driver call comes out. We get these a lot on nights and most are unable to locate. Sgt gets behind this one and is calling out his location. I’m thinking no big deal and continue on my traffic stop. Well this drunk decides that he doesn’t want to stop. So the Mayor is in the passenger seat in a high speed pursuit and I'm thing this is not going to be good. Speeds are excess of 90 mph driving all over the city. The drunk is swerving all over the road. I get off my traffic stop and haul ass toward this chase. The drunk drives to his home and attempts to run into his house. Sgt and a few other officers tackle him before he gets in the home. I arrive while they are handcuffing him up. We get everything under control and the mayor gets out of the vehicle to smoke a cigarette. I look over at him and he looks frazzled. I just say to him "was that fun or not"? He just looks at me and shakes his head. I’m laughing because I think him might have shit his pants. LOL.

On a side note I’m sure glad I talked with Mr. Ramble and his training dispatcher. He did awesome on this chase. He was on and off the radio just like we talked about. We talked later and he said that he had not called a chase yet. I gave him some praise and let him know that since he will be coming to our shift that I guarantee this will not be his last.