Saturday, May 31, 2008

Great Tips

If you’re choking on an ice cube, simply pour a cup of boiling water down your throat. presto! the blockage will instantly remove itself.

Avoid cutting yourself when slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold the vegetables while you chop.

Avoid arguments with the females about lifting the toilet seat by using the sink.

For high blood pressure sufferers ~ simply cut yourself and bleed for a few minutes,
thus reducing the pressure on your veins. remember to use a timer.

A mouse trap placed on top of your alarm clock will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button.

If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives. then you’ll be afraid to cough.

You only need two tools in life - wd-40 and duct tape. if it doesn’t move and should, use the wd-40. if it shouldn’t move and does, use the duct tape.

Remember - everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

If you can’t fix it with a hammer, you’ve got an electrical problem.

Words of wisdom

When you go fishing and you catch something, that’s good. If you’re making love and you catch something, that’s bad.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Retarded Policeman

I was losing it watching these video's. I saw episode #9 first and I had to watch the rest on Here are my two favorites.

Episode #9

"How about 2 million then" I love that part!!!!

Episode #3

Stop Bush

Dixon May fair


Monday, May 26, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Religious War

I about fell out of my seat laughing at this!

Weird dancer Robert Muraine


What do you say to a girl with two black eyes?

Nothing you have already told her twice.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mr. Mohawk and the truck theives

Mr. Mohawk:

I went to a domestic where the guy fled in his wife’s parent’s vehicle. I have never seen this guy before but I know the vehicle he is in. His wife gives me the description of what he looks like. The one thing that she tells is that he has short blond hair with a small mohowk. She also tells me he is drunk. I have one of his friends call him on the phone and he starts requesting this officer or that officer because he doesn't want to talk to no fucking rookie. He is on speaker phone and let him know that I’m surely no rookie. I tell him that he better come back or I'll find him. He tells me good luck and hangs up the phone. I love a challenge.

I check with a couple people on where he might be. I check the area and find nothing. I make it my goal to find him. I clear this scene and drive around. About 30 minutes later and about 5 miles away I see the guys talking in the front yard of this house. I see this dude eyeball me and then quickly looks away. I see that gay ass looking mohawk on top of his head. I know it's him. I call out and hop out and attempt to talk to him. He is lying who he is. I request his DL and he says he doesn’t have one. He immediately puts his hands in his pockets. I tell him since he doesn’t have an ID to take his hands out of his pockets. He pulls out a cigarette and attempts to light it and puts his hands back into his pockets. He tells me he can put his hands in his pockets if he wants to. I quickly call out for back up and the fight is on. He gets slammed and slammed hard. He is trying to fight with me but training is a bitch for GQ public. I got him in a position and I kick him as hard as I could behind the knees to get him off balance and face plant him. His face just happened to land on the side of the sidewalk. I'm throwing elbow blows to this face trying to get him cuffed. The whole time I was looking over at his two friends making sure that they don’t jump in. I was pretty worried because they were two shit bags as well. I finally get him cuffed and like normal, backup arrives. He runs his mouth saying he took it easy on me and if he found me alone (I’m guessing he expected his two friends to help) he would have fought me harder in which he would have won. I love it when people say I got my ass whooped on purpose.

Here is where things get jacked up. Because he was on private property he could not be arrest for PI. Because of the time frame of the domestic a warrant for his arrest had to be filed before he could be arrested. His wife’s parents did want file a stolen vehicle report but because I did not see him driving it I could not arrest him for that. Because he actually never hit me or I got hurt in anyway he could not be charge with resisting arrest or resisting search. We have a stupid DA that never takes resisting cases and my Sgt would not let me arrest him for that. The DA views this as passively resisting which I guess is no big deal until a cop gets killed…..again. This guy was falling into every loop hole. I have no choice but to release him. And you wonder why cops kick ass when ever they have a chance. It's called street justice. Whoops did I say that.

I pretend that because I’m such a nice guy that if his buddy would allow him to stay at his house and not cause any more trouble I would release him. He was pleading with me to let him go. I tell him that if he leaves I will find him again and I wouldn’t be so nice this time.

His buddy who was standing there said that he would take care of him and make sure he doesn’t go anywhere. Not an hour later Mr. Mohawk returns to his home, breaks in (perfectly legal, it’s his property) takes some knifes (perfectly legal) and flees. His wife is freaking out. After I look the area I go back to his buddy’s house. I chew his ass like no other threating to take him to jail. He promises that he went to sleep and didn’t even know that he had left. I tell him to lock his door and do not let him back in. I also tell him to call us if he hears from him.

Now if we catch him out on the street I got him for an easy PI arrest (better than nothing). His buddy later informs us that mr mohawk called and he is hiding in a field nearby. I fly out to the field which is about 50 acres. I hear some neighborhood dogs are going nuts and we close in. I’m sure we are right on top of him. One officer and I get split up. We check this whole area for about 90 minutes (yeah it was a slow night) when I called off the search. I think he bunkered down some where and probably passed out. I call off the search and had to swallow my pride. Good thing is that there’s always tomorrow. The rest of the shift we had no other problems with Mr. Mohawk so that’s a good thing as well.

Truck thieves:

We were at shift change when a call came out that a guy was watching 2 people steal his truck. No big deal until he sees that one had a gun keeping a look out. No one was on the street in this particular beat and we all pretty much haul ass out of the station to this location. This guy had parked his big ass boat unhooked it and parked his truck side ways in front of the boat hitch in a parking lot. Meaning his truck and boat formed a “T” so that no one could steal his boat. He was actually sleeping in the boat, heard a noise, looked out and saw these people in his truck.

One officer arrives and quickly got the driver out (male) who was cooperative. He is being handcuffed when about 20 seconds later everyone else arrives including me. Me and two other officers have the female at gun point. She is standing on the outside of the passenger side of the truck with the door shut. She is not cooperative. She is hesitating and keeps on looking into the vehicle through the passenger side window. I tell one officer to secure her hands and drag her back by her hair if he has to. He walks up and does a reverse prayer lock on her hands. A reverse prayer lock is pretty much her hands behind her back with her fingers like a prayer (not folded). He grabs on to her hands with his left hand (he's a lefty) and I'm ordering him and her to walk back along this boat. Sure enough as I was ordering she started to passively resist. He grabs onto her long hair right at the back of the head and drags her back. Luckily for her it was him dragging her because she would not have had any skin left on the back of her legs if it was me. For safety sake I do wish he would have brought her back quicker because we didn’t know who else was in the truck. Another officer and I clear the truck and no one else is there. While clearing it I notice that in the front passenger seat was a .40 semi automatic pistol that the female was looking at while we were talking to her. After I secure the gun I ask her about it. She tells me she really thought about using it. I thanked her because I really hate working dead bodies. She looked at me really funny. I said “What? Do you think you could have reached in, grabbed the gun, pulled it out, pointed it me and then pulled the trigger before I would have tapped a few off.” I laughed and threw her into the patrol car.

After she was in the back of the car we all really let out a sigh of relief. This call could have turned out really ugly. Good thing is that everyone including the shit bags walked away unhurt.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cluster F$%K Friday

I had a pretty hard weekend. My Friday started out at Walmart with a theft. After I arrived I notice that the thief was a Hispanic female that didn’t speak English and had a 19 month old girl that was screaming. I have a Spanish speaker helping me out and she tells me that she thinks that the thief is not cooperating on purpose. She said that the thief was not calling a relative to pick the kid up. I tell the translator that she better explain that she better get someone there with 20 minutes or child protective services will be called. I tell her after that ICE will be notified and she will be investigated for immigration violations as well (she had no papers or records). I was already going to contact ICE but wanted to throw that out to get her moving. The thief can tell that I’m getting upset.

While dealing with the brat screaming the whole time and trying to do my job with a translator, Wal-Mart gets another theft. This time it is 2 juveniles that took $4.00 worth of ear rings. My night is starting off great. Nothing I hate more than a thief is a juvenile theft. Just because she was a juvenile it tripled my paper work. I call the both kids parents and one of girl’s dads shows up. He starts off with his attitude, “I want you take her to jail”. I explain that I can take her juvenile hall but all they are going to do is contact him. He tells me that he wants her to go and he will just let her sit a couple days. I let him know that he can be charged with child neglect if he doesn’t pick her up in a timely manner and it would be best for me to just stroke her a ticket and release her to him. He tells me that he has family that will back him up and he wants her to be taken. I request his DL and he questions why I needed it. I tell him that I’m just going to get his info so that I can get a head start on filing the child neglect charges which is a felony. He refuses. I get up out of my seat and tell him to give me his license. He finally does and I call my Sgt to let him know what is going on. He arrives on scene and jumps daddy’s ass. I was amazed at this because he was saying what we all were thinking. He say’s it’s just $4.00 and he is not going to waste all these man hours because he doesn’t know how to discipline his child.

Just as this conversation was going on we get a call that a guy is requesting a suicide by cop. This was definitely a first for me. I’ve never had a guy just requesting this. He had call in saying that he is religious and will not kill himself. He is wanted one of us to show up and kill him. He further explained that he had a gun and would shoot at us if we refused. He gave his location and everything. Sgt finished up yelling at this guy and advises “see I got a guy that is going to shoot at me and I’m at Wal-mart dealing with a $4.00 thief”. Sgt looks at me and says if he refuses to take her, hook him up. Sgt hauls ass out. I get back into the office and scrambling to finish up my paper work. While doing this dad starts chewing on the girl. He is saying see look what you caused. This great officer (now kissing my ass) needs to be out helping his other officers so that they don’t get killed and he is dealing with you. I just shake my head.

While he is saying all this Wal-Mart comes back and says they caught another thief. I look up at the manager and say this is bullshit. You heard I need to go to. If you want to prosecute I’ll be back in about 2 hours and you will just have hold them till then. I hate Wal-mart more than what you can think. I could write a book on the shit they pull. Here is also a fact. I haven’t shopped there since father’s day of 2002. I truly hate the place. I might give you that story another time.

I cut the juvenile a ticket and tell her to get out of here. The other one was easy her dad showed up and picked her up. They were out quick. The Hispanic female finally has a family member pick up the kid. I quickly arrest her and throw her into the car. I’m trying to get to the station to put her up and get back onto the streets to help on the suicide by cop.

While on the way out of the PARKING LOT!!!! we get a call of a stolen U-haul truck and was being followed by the complainant. Our Chief was going home or in the area and saw the vehicle. He gets behind it (unmarked Crown Victoria) and is trying to get officers to assist. Because of the cluster fuck that is happening, everyone is on the other side of town trying to look for the suicide by cop guy. The U-haul notices that a cop looking car is following and starts to flee. The chase heads toward my direction and the chief is not a block over from me but I cannot respond because of my prisoner. Sure enough the U-haul finally stops and this crazy crack whore charges the Chief. Yeap this strung out female charges the old man. Luckily he is some what physically fit and slams her to the ground. Can you imagine if our chief got his ass whooped or worse? Now we got units flying everywhere. One actually wrecks out trying to get to the chief. I shit you not that this was within the first hour and half of my night.

I chunk my prisoner out and haul ass to my Sgts location because I’d say 80% of everyone was out with the chief now. I found out that they suicide by cop had taken about 17 seraquil pills and has a ton of mental issues. The suspect was not at the location he gave but did get a report that he was there just prior to mt Sgt arriving. We are looking everywhere for him. I look up and notice that our helicopter is up looking. We have 3 other agency out looking for him. His phone is being triangulated. We are desperately trying to find this crazy ass. It took about 3 hours and he was finally found. Luckily he went peacefully and no one got hurt.

After everything chilled out for a while I find out someone called in a complaint on my diving skills. They wanted to know why I was driving about 50 mph down a residential with no lights or siren. The communications sup said that this came in when the cluster fuck was happening and the complainant was told that they would have to come in to file an official complaint. I told the sup that yeah that was me and I’ll take my medicine if I need to. She said not to worry about it because they probably won’t come in.

Later in the night I get a call of 2 people crossing the highway. I stop them and to my surprise one of them starts asking about our policy on driving residential neighborhoods. I immediately know this is the person that called in on me. I smile because this NEVER happens. You never get the complainant that calls in on you the same day asking hypothetical questions not knowing that you’re the officer that they are complaining on. I start off by saying I’m that officer that you complained on and let me explain something to you. I explain why I was driving fast and to what call. I tell her that I was helping out a fellow officer and I didn’t need to be going that fast but I also needed to get there incase he started to get shot at. I could see that she felt about 2 inches tall. I let her now that if she wanted to file a complainant she is rightfully so. She asks why I didn’t have my lights on. I tell her that we have polices on when we can and cannot use our lights. We have these polices because people complain when we do use them. People complain when we don’t use them. I tell her that if I burn a traffic light GQ public thinks that we are just lazy and don’t want to wait but in reality we are most likely trying to get to a call to help someone in need. She sincerely thanked me for what I do and apologized. This really felt good and really helped on ending my stressful night.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Funny sign in Iraq

Make sure you read the fine print. This is only from the hours of 1am to 12am.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Update: What happened to the Brotherhood?

Here is an update to "What happened to the Brotherhood?"

Well everything has not been the same since this issue arouse within my nightshift. Good thing is that this negativity has not been toward me. I little trick that I knowingly pulled but will claim as an accident, worked very well in my favor. On our use of force paperwork the officer involved has to sign the last page prior to be turned in. My paper work was turned in on Monday morning prior to the on coming shift arriving. I wasn’t due back until Wednesday night and expected that my signature would have been caught with the first chain of command (SGT) and reissued back to me. I came in Wednesday and sure enough my use of force paper work was in my mail box. To my surprise it had gone all the way to one of the Capt’s office before it was caught. I’m thumbing through the paper work which started out to be about 3-4 pages turned out to be about 20. I called out on paperwork at the station and pretty much hid in a corner and read every page prior to me going into service. This paper work was a gold mine. It not only had my paper work, it had Officer Dipshits, the rookies, my Sgt assessment (and recommendation), my Lt’s assessment (and recommendation) and the Capt’s assessment.

I read over Officer Dipshits report and to my surprise it started out every well. It wasn’t till the last paragraph until he started ripping into me. While I was reading this my mouth was probably on the floor. He actually had put in his report that I was inches from the suspects face provoking him into a fight. He went into further stating that I had used more force than necessary to place the subject into the back of the patrol unit and contributed to the injuries that occurred to the suspect.

After reading this I’m just shaking my head in disbelief. It was true that I was in the suspects face. It’s called officer presence. Every officer that has put on the uniform has used this tactic. As far as I was inches, I would contest that but this is not a big issue at all. The issue was the provoking a fight. How are you going to put that on paper? That is a thought not a fact. He knows that I was not provoking a fight he just put that on paper to hurt a fellow officer. Also how are you going to say that I contributed to the injuries? Anybody that has any knowledge of law enforcement knows that if you resist and get hurt because YOU’RE not cooperating it’s YOUR fault, NOT MINE. I just felt that after reading this report it was as if some POS defense attorney had wrote it preparing for a law suit. This just seemed that it was a personal attack on me.

I get done with Dipshits report and read over the rookies report. Remember that I haven’t put much faith into this older overweight rookie with 10 years experience. This was until this point. His report was outstanding and extremely detailed. I can honestly say that I was shocked in his writing skills and his report was actually written better than mine. This is extremely though to say because I believe my reports are outstanding.

After being amazed with his report I immediately sought him out and shook his hand. He was like what is this for. I explained that I read over his report on the issue the other night. He looked me in the eye and flatly said “I just reported what I witnessed.” He had a big smile on his face and from that point I knew two things. Officer Dipshit (his FTO that night) attempted “guide” him. The other thing is he understands never burn a fellow officer. After speaking with him I have absolute respect for him. I still don’t like the fact that he is not in shape like he should be but I do have a lot more respect for him.

I continue to read on into the paper work. My Sgt which I had already spoken to, wrote up that he had spoken to all officers and found no wrong doing on Officer Marcos. He did recommend that I take a verbal judo class. I was kind of puzzled by this but figured he had to recommend some kind of coarse of action. Also I didn’t care because I took a verbal judo class before and it was outstanding. It pretty much teaches you to be a smart ass. Lol

I read on to my Lt. comments on the situation. Here is were the smile on my face starts to hurt. He goes into detail about Officer Dipshits and his actions on scene. The Lt. is ripping into Officer Dipshit. He also clears me of any wrong doing and concurs with the verbal judo class.

I read to the Capts assessment. This Capt normally fine combs everything and is very nitpicky. To my surprise he disagreed about the verbal judo class and advised that this issue was not with me. He further stated that the actions of officer dipshit’s officer safety and some other mumbo jumbo needed to be reviewed.

To be honest I was worried about this situation especially with this rookie because I didn’t know how he would have reported this situation. Police work is a dirty profession and sometimes we aren’t the nicest people on the street. That is part of the job. People looking from the outside in don’t understand that we cannot just ask the bad guys to not be bad. If I have an officer that is going to report me everytime I am not nice to someone drunk, high, aggressive, or just being an idiot, I’m not going to be able to do my job properly. This is not only an issue with me but also other officers within the department. I just find it entirely sad when a brother doesn’t back other like he should.

After hitting the street for a couple hours I come into contact with Officer Dipshit. He is extremely upset but does act professionally. We do our jobs and we separate. After a few days pass people start coming up and asking about this situation. Pretty much it has got out that Officer Dipshit will burn officers and his reliably has come into question. I laugh because I had nothing to do with this getting out. Karma, got to believe it’s alive and well!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dog Bite

I have a feeling she is not going to be smiling after a second to two.

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Implosion with fireworks.

This is amesome! I'm sure this video is going to circulate the interenet a couple times.

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This cannot be real

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Git off ma dog

What happened to the Brotherhood?

Not a good Saturday night. What happened to the brotherhood? I have an officer that works near me that I would consider an outstanding officer. This was until Saturday. Let’s set up his attitude. He came in feeling not so good and has strep throat (I have an issue with this as well). He was forced to take the rookie that nobody wants to train (FTO was sick (probably with strep lol)). And to top it off he just got turned down for a position that was given to someone less qualified on paper but more qualified by attitude. So let me just say he is not in the best of moods.

First off I get a call close to his beat and he responds as my back up. Me and the Rookie go in I have everything sorted out within 5 minutes. He lolly dallies in after I got everything taken care of and pretty much says to the complainant “Do you want a report?” Can you guess what the complainant said? Sorry to let the general public know but the police hate taking reports. We much rather be out chasing and fighting crime than sitting in a patrol car punching out a report for an hour. Actually we rather be eating donuts and drinking coffee. Lol. I totally understand that part of the job is report writing but I’ve been on the job long enough to know which reports to write and which ones not to. I politely tell him not to jump into my call or next time he will be taking the report. He requests that we meet in the back.

We drive around back of the business and he begins to jump my ass. I don’t care if you’re the chief or the mayor I’m not going to get my ass chewed unless I deserved it. I’m not a kiss ass and if I have something to say you will hear about it. I’ll never be in politics because of this. He goes off and it starts to appear that he is trying to show off in front of the rookie. He tells me that I need to do my job. I let him know that his role is back up and only that. I let him know if he has a question about what is going on to come to me and I will let him know. He then tells me that I cannot “shag” reports. I tell him that I can shag report all day long and if MY Sgt wants to write me up for it then HE will. He then tells me that I wasn’t professional. This is when it crossed the line. I have never been called unprofessional in the 6 years I’ve been in law enforcement. Thinking about my career I tell him to never jump my call again and drove off. I was about to twist off but I much rather drive away and stomp a fellow officer into the ground.

Unlike these new brat officers I come from a long line of law enforcement and I have the old core values ingrained into my brain (Back when you had honor in LE). If you bleed blue you never rat on an officer, you back him up no matter what, and you forgive and forget. Now I never said I would do anything unethical or lie but volunteer information that might hurt my fellow brother, never.

Here is the issue that I will never trust officer dip shit again. I get a call about an hour before quitting time. It’s about some kids causing problems at a local 24 hour restaurant. By the time I arrive they were not in the business and one employee points out that they are in the vehicle in the parking lot about to leave. I see Officer dipshit arrive and tell him to stop this car. He does so. As I’m walking up to their location I see other car with juveniles in it as well. I check on them and one of the “juveniles” in the passenger seat was actually a short Hispanic man who was the father of one of the juvenile that officer dipshit was talking to. The dad was extremely drunk and I tell him that I need to go and talk with his son. He requests that he come with me. I didn’t have a problem with that. He walks with me and I start talking to the kids. The Dad being drunk starts acting like a dumbass. I tell him to walk back to his car and I’ll be with him in a minute. He refuses and say he is there to “protect” his son. I tell him that I got that protecting part down and he can return to his vehicle. He gets irate and was verbally abusing me pretty bad. I’m a big boy I can take it. I tell him that he just needs to return to his car. I’m giving this guy every opportunity to leave without going to jail. He starts walking off when he squares me up and mumble “I’m gonna…….” I couldn’t make out what he said but fearing that he was going to return to his car and get a weapon I stop him so that he could be identified. He stops and stumbling around. I start my PI investigation. How many have you had to drink. He bows up and says ENOUGH! I tell him he better not make this issue any more that what it’s going to be. I ask again he replies Enough again. I jokingly say “your damn right you had enough now turn around you’re under arrest”. He is hooked up for PI. I attempt to put him into the patrol unit. He refuses many times. Even the guy’s wife is pleading with him to stop resisting and just cooperate. I had to dunk his head and push him in to the unit. I didn’t slam him hard but claims that he is injured. First it was is back, then his wrists and arms and finally it was is neck when the medics arrive.

While this is going on I’m wondering what Officer Dip shit is doing. Normally on drunks we give a strong officer presence and back each other up. He was just sitting back like he was watching a movie. After this was all done and over he tells me that he didn’t like how that was handled and that he was going to report me. I tell him ok to do whatever he wants because I never did anything wrong..

Sure enough he reports this incident to my Sgt the next day. I tell my Sgt that I didn’t do anything wrong. He agrees but since it was reported it will have to go up the chain. So I’m sure I’ll be going through an IA for the next 2-3 months. This is all because one officer was having a bad day and wanted to take it out on me. I’ll be ok, I’m not worried at all. It’s just that IAs are a pain in the ass. My main problem is what happened to the brotherhood? I have observed this officer do 10 times worse things to people and never even thought about putting it down on paper. I’m a 100% better Officer than him and that I pray to god he never backs me up again because I will be worried about my safety and well being. Everyone pray that I don’t get shot because Officer Dipshit doesn’t back his fellow officers. Wooosaaaaa. I’ll be alright.


Happiness is submission to Godzilla! How true.

If only this had happened!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Cookie Monster

Why would you take a picture like this? lol

Do your building searches correctly!!!

A domestic call comes out and the actor was actively fighting with everyone. We have a report that a female was yelling on the phone advising that her arm was broken and that her brother and father were physically fighting. I and 2 other units (including the rookie) respond to the call. Dispatch gave the address and in my mind I know exactly which house it is. I’m thinking we have had so many domestics at this house and this might be the one that is not going to end very well. Since all units are going code (lights and siren) we are calling out our location making sure we don’t run into each other blowing lights and what not. I’m picturing where my other units are in relation to me when I turn the corner and see both in my rear view mirror in the distance. I’m in the lead and I fly around the final turn. We all cut our lights and siren. I drive up to the house hop out and yell at the rookie to grab the back. I’m looking for the third unit when I see that she is running the opposite direction. I flash light at the house I was going to and I was 2 houses down from where I was supposed to be. This was my first big mistake.

I tell the rookie that we (I) went to the wrong house. I start running toward the correct house. I see the rookie fumbling around. I leave him because I needed to make sure my other officer was safe. I see that an unknown female had come out of the house and was holding her arm. The female officer was tending to her and pulled her away from the front door.

The FTO and I knock on the front door. An older man (the dad) answers the door. He has a knot on his forehead and bloody lip. We ask “where is your son?” He replies “everything is alright, he is in bed.” We tell him to step outside. He refuses and tells us that we can come in. We tell him that we don't need his permission and tell him to step outside once more. He tells us no and opens the door wide and lets us in. The FTO walks in and I’m in right after him. I grab onto the Dad and lock him up in an arm lock. As soon as I grab onto him, he tenses up. I look him in the eye and say that is not good idea. I tell him you can either walk out on your own or you’re going to hurt yourself on this nice hardwood floor. He reluctantly walked out with Officer Marcos in full control. As soon as he was outside I cuffed him up. He starts to understand that he is not in control.

While we are sitting him down, a 12 year old boy starts running toward me and the rookie. The rookie had just walked up and was helping me with the dad. This kid yells you better take those handcuffs off. I look over at this 85 lbs future piece of shit and say you better get back. Dad tells him to back up and everything will be ok. The kid looks up to dad and with his fist all balled up says I can take’em. I look over to the female officer and my eyes must have been busting out of my head. I tell the female officer to handle him and nod to the kid. She pulls him to the side and starts to talk with him.

I talk with the dad. I ask “where is your son.” He tells me that he is in the bedroom on the left. I point to the bedroom on the left and the dad acknowledges that was the correct room. I leave the dad with the rookie and myself and the FTO make entry. We hit the room on the left. I’m watching the door while the FTO searches the room. He looks everywhere. It was one of those rooms with two rooms side by side and a bathroom. He searches everywhere and notices a big window that the son could have escaped while we were dealing with dad. I tell the FTO we got to search the rest of the house.

The FTO and I had done a million building searches together and we know each other very well. I hit the next room on the right. I check the door, the closet, the bathroom and get down on my hands and knees to look under the bed. I find nothing. We finish with down stairs and start on upstairs. Still nothing. We go out the back door and notice a very long dark alley that the son could have had a good 5 minute head start on us. I tell the FTO that if he doesn’t file interference (with an investigation) on the dad that I will. I was pissed because the dad obviously stood in our way so that his son could leave.

The FTO and I walk back into the house and start a secondary search. I go into the room he checked and he starts in the rooms I had checked. After about 2 minutes in I hear loud bang (door slam) and the FTO yelling “Let me see your hands!” I run over and he was in the first room I was in. We cuff him up quickly. I look over to the window in the room and the window shade was up. I say “did you just crawl through that window”. He goes “Noooo I was about to crawl out”. I was like what do you mean crawl out, where did you come from? He said he was standing behind this door the whole time. He said that he was there while I searched the room. You know that feeling (for guys) when you get kicked in the nuts and the pain goes straight into your gut. I felt that. He also let me know that when I looked behind the door he thought he had been caught. All I’m thinking was holy shit! I really messed up and he could see that on my face. He later said that he saw me get on the ground looking underneath the bed that he could had got me good. That was absolutely true. My back was completely to him. I later apologized to the FTO because I’m WAY better than this. I could have been really hurt bad. The FTO looks at me and tells me to shake it off and don’t sweat it. This is true but I haven’t messed up like this in a long time. This was my second big mistake.

We take the son out and put him into a patrol unit. After the son is put up, the kid runs up to me and the FTO and yells you better let my brother out. I tell the kid that it’s going to be alright and that he needs to calm down. He yells FUCK YOU. My eyes must have got big again because I see the female officer walk very quickly toward me and she kind of escorts him away from me. I’m thinking there is something not right about this kid.

After about 5 minutes of interviewing the dad the female officer walks right up in between me and the dad and she is not in a good mood. She says “look what your 12 year old son had in his pocket”. She then pulled out this black snub nose revolver. She tells the dad that he almost got shot. I start chewing the dad like no other. The female pulls me away and bends the gun in half. It was made of rubber but that was the most real rubber made gun I have ever seen. She tells me that while she was talking to him the kid kept on reaching in his pocket. She saw the handle and immediately got the gun. I tell her that this is the exact reason why I don’t play around with anyone. Young, old, crippled or normal, anyone and everyone can kill. I am glad that she had found that gun because I probably would have knocked the shit out of that kid if I saw that handle….or worse.

The son was charged with DV assault bodily injury. The dad was released after I chewed his ass once more about being a poor parent. The sister refused treatment but was later taken to the hospital.

Learn from this. DO YOUR BUILDING SEARCHES CORRECTLY, DON’T RUSH THEM. I really think I was just having a bad night but even so one bad night could have cost me my life or worse my fellow officers’ lives.

Movie: Iron Man

Just got back from seeing IRON MAN. Go and see it! It's awesome. I was watching the news and saw it was playing at midnight so I jumped up and went and saw it. Yeah I had nothing better to do. I was figuring (like most movies these days) that the previews had given away all the good parts. Robert Downey Jr. was cast perfectly for this movie. I would definitely recommend it if you like action type movies.