Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Road rage!

What is the deal with these dumb ass driver’s right before I get off of work. It was 0440 and I’m heading to a gas station to get a drink. While on the way I see this smoke billowing out at this intersection. It was these two cars road ragging. Both were slamming on their breaks and spinning wheels yelling at each other. The light turns green and one hauls ass and drives up on the crub and onto some grass. I thinking I’m going to try and pull over both. I get behind one and reading out the plate when the other one starts to run from me. I ditch that car and go after the one running.

I get behind it and light him up and he slams on his breaks. He then speeds up after he comes to a complete stop. He does this a coupe times until he notices that we have 4 units all over him. He finally stops.

The story is that he and a friend were just jacking around. He was a smart ass and I found out he had warrants. I could have taken him to jail 10 different ways. I wanted to take him but I was pretty beat from a long night. I stroke him 4 big time tickets and cut him lose. I’ll catch him next time.

New Strategy

Friday night I was sitting in front of one of my favorite clubs/bars eating lunch in my squad car. I was hanging out at about 0200 hrs when I hear a bunch of yelling and see bouncers running toward the dance floor. Of course I get out and make entry into the bar. When I get inside I see that about 4 different fights are going on inside. The bouncers and I are slinging people out the door left and right. I call for some additional units. After most of the people are outside the bar I exit at well. I see one dude walking aggressively up to a bouncer. I tell him to stop, he refuses and then he gets slammed by yours truly. He is cuffed up and I look up and it seemed like everyone was fighting outside. It was a bad situation and nobody was there but me. Once about 7 units arrived we had everything under control. I end up arresting 3 people.

Today (Monday) I was getting off when a bunch of day time losers and some detectives were talking about this particular bar. They are complaining that it’s a huge problem up there and it needs to get shut down. Here is where I get pissed. First off it doesn’t need to get shut down because of the drunks fighting. The brass is trying to shut it down because our city manager and his buddies has opened a bar close by and its competition. Got to love politics! Our city manager goes to this bar and recruits waitresses and bar staff. They turn him down because they know where the hot spot is and don’t want to leave. Guess what happens next? TABC (Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission) is anonymously contacted. For all those not in Texas, TABC does a lot of good but at the same time a lot of bullshit. I respect them because they are in the same kind of work but they never get their hands dirty. They love writing tickets but never want to do any DWI’s. What was I thinking? DWI’s don’t have anything to do with Alcohol or Beverages! Well, because of some anonymous calls to them they are setting up a case against this bar to get it closed down. Let me add that we have 4 shit hole bars not 2 blocks down the street and I have never seen TABC in once. These bars have the same number of fights but actually are normally much worse. They are frequented by more organized crime and gang bangers so we should just leave these types of people alone. Good idea!

Enough about that ranting let me continue. We all were talking and I made the comment that if this bar is SUCH a huge problem why don’t we pay a couple officers some over time and have them work the bar. I thought these guys were going to have a heart attack. All of them were like oh no, we cannot do that, and started back pedaling. It just needs to be close down one states. I say no, if you want a solution put some officers out there. He says well that is not going to happen and we (The PD) need to keep a good paper trail on ALL incidents up there.

I bring up the issue about TABC stomping in our backyard. I mention that this is crap and they should be letting us know when they are in our city. I have a big issue with this also because normally the TABC officers are old short computer geek looking officers. I’m worried that they are going to talk to the wrong drunk or a fight breaks out and they will (let me repeat WILL) get here asses whooped. This is our bar if there is an issue we can handle it. Someone brings up that they did inform us but someone leaked it out. I was actually in shock that TABC informed us of anything. A couple of the officers on my shift were like “what they were sharing information”? They didn’t share that with our shift we all say. The brass and day time losers leave.

One guy from my shift looks over at me and whispers “You know Sgt. so and so thinks you tipped them off.” I don’t know why but this pissed me off. Rumors don’t normally bother me but this questions my integrity. This officer calms me down and tells me that we all know we were not informed of this so don’t let it bother me. I realized he was right and that Sgt was probably just trying to piss me off.

I was driving home after all this happened and I came up with a new strategy. The Brass and detectives want us to frequent this particular bar and make a paper trail. No paper trail, no problem. I will no longer driver pass or enter this bar. I’m also going to pass on the word to my shift and the other night shifts to do the same. One issue that the brass has been having is that this bar has been handling all problems in house and not reporting it to us. If no one reports, no one knows. Also if it can be handled in house then we can be working other more important crimes. I love this idea.

Also, I’m calling some of these officers “day time losers” because they work with a total different type of people during the day. They are normally overweight and old. They love to throw experience around and give pointers. I’m so glad that back in 50’s you were allowed to stomp someone’s ass and not get in trouble but today we have to be a little more discreet and use (oh my god) our BRAINS! Also get in shape your embarrassing the department.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Car Chase with tatted ex-gang banger

I love car chases but not when I’m about to get off. I was finishing up patrolling a neighborhood and decided to go get fuel and finish up some paper work. I turn out of the neighborhood and pull onto one of the main roads. I’m about a block from the fuel station when I notice this vehicle spinning out of control about 500 yards away at an intersection. It appears that it had stuck a light pole and hit a passing tow truck. The tow truck puts on its emergency lights and I start heading that way. The vehicle was not moving and I’m calling out that I have an accident at so and so. Since this did not appear to be a major accident or have any injuries I am not authorized to run code with lights and siren. And of coarse I’m hitting every red light to that scene.

I’m at the intersection right before the accident scene when the vehicle notices me. The vehicle pulls out of the grass and starts hauling ass the opposite direction. Now I’m authorized code. I blow the light and about to run the light where the accident was originally at when I check the intersection and notice an 18 wheeler full out punching it. He see me and locks up his breaks. He slows down just enough to get in my way and to block my view for a few seconds. I’m thinking get out of the way not realizing that if I ran that light he would have hit me.

Now that the vehicle has a good head start on me I’m attempting to catch up. I’m about 80 mph before I start calling the chase. I can almost hear my Sgt and a few officers cussing me over the air because they were probably fueling and getting ready to pack it in as well. Here is a little known fact about police work. We don’t like to get into anything too big right before we get off. Unfortunately, I’m the one who ALWAYS gets shit stirred up right before we get off. : )

I’m gaining on the suspect vehicle when he pulls into on coming traffic (no median or barrier). Since it’s about 430 am there is not much traffic out. I’m on his ass when he swerves back into the correct direction of traffic. When he does this he throws out a couple brown bags. I have no assistance yet and attempt to call out that exact spot so that someone can retrieve the items that I suspect to be narcotics.

The driver continues to evade when he pulls onto the shoulder. He attempts to pull into a business district when his vehicle catches some gravel and starts to fish tail. I’m on him and getting ready for a foot chase. The vehicle corrects and is on the wet grass. He is attempting to drive but not going very fast. He realizing that I’m not going anywhere and that I’m the only unit there he stops. I’m out of my unit, gun drawn, ready to rock probably the fastest in my career. I can see him put the vehicle in park, hand on the door handle and him checking his side mirror to see where I’m at. I’m guessing when he saw a fit, in shape officer already out of his vehicle with his gun drawn, that running was not going to be an opinion. He takes his hands off the door handle and puts them both out the window before I can even order him to do so. I yell out at him to stay put and don’t move.

At this point I noticed that same tow truck that was at the original intersection pull in behind me. The driver of the tow truck gets out and starts to walk up when I yell at him to get the fuck back. I cannot believe that this idiot was following me all over the city. I also cannot believe that he was dumb enough to get out of the vehicle with me having my gun drawn. Wouldn’t this be a clue that the scene is not secure yet?

The cavalry finally arrives and I approach. The driver is hooked up quickly. The guy is a tatted up ex-gang banger having issues with his wife. He said that he is just pissed and lost control at the intersection and freaked out because he had an open container in his vehicle. We retrieve two brown bags that had 32 oz beers in each one. One was unopened the other seemed like about only 5-6 drinks had been taken. He wasn’t drunk.
More good news is that this dip shit didn’t hit that light pole or the tow truck. Paper work is disappearing right in front of my eyes. Yippy!!!

That tow truck driver that was following me just wanted to let me know that the vehicle I had stopped spun out of control and almost hit him. I tell him congrats, and now get the fuck out of here. I’m thinking he was hoping he could get the tow but he had pissed me off so he can get lost.

I asked the driver why did you run? He tells me that he has warrants and didn’t want to go to jail. I tell him that his 2 class C warrants just converted to one felony charge. He said he knows he was just not thinking straight because he was so upset. I also asked when he stopped if he was planning on running. He said that he was trying to get to that business district so that he could out run me. He adds that he could not believe that I was out of my vehicle before he was even in park. I tell him that I run about 4.6 (40 yards) and that there was no way he was going to out run me. Also if he decided to drive away the wet grass would not have let him get that much of a head start. Looks like he ran into the wrong donut eater once again. Lol

Monday, March 3, 2008

Agg Robbery

Last night we had an armed robbery. The guy stole $130.00 dollars and ran seconds before we got there. We set up a perimeter with about 15 units. We get the helicopter out and they immediately hit on a spot that was about 20 yards in front of me. They shine the spot light on that spot. I and two other officers go to that scene. Funny part is the helicopter Officer says take two steps to the left. The three of us are all standing in different spots and we take our two steps. One of the officers found what the helicopter was hitting on. It was a lit cigarette butt. One of the dumb ass officers was smoking and threw his but. Dumb ass. We didn’t catch the guy and probably could have been due to this. We know who the guy is and we should have a warrant for him in the morning.

I remember once we were in a foot chase and I ran one way another officer runs another. The next thing I hear is Taser deployed. I run to that officer’s location and I see the officer standing and the suspect on the ground. The officer had one hand with the taser and the other with a cigarette. He was like he is not going anywhere! I was like yeah that is obvious but have you checked him for weapons or a gun. Dumb ass.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I get the last laugh

A couple of days ago I arrested a female for fraud possession control substance prescription felony 2. Short story is that she had a friend pretend to be her doctor and called in a prescription and she picked it up. This bitch was annoying. She would fake having breathing problems while being booked in. I knew for fact she was faking. I would leave the holding cell and watch her on camera and she would be fine. As soon as I came back she would start acting up.

Today she started it up as well. I pulled her out of her cell and placed her in a holding cell with a camera in it. A Sgt came in and I told him what I was doing. He said that we had to notify medical on all breathing problems and they will make the determination if she is faking or needs to be transported. I told him I know this and what the SOP is but if you watch her on the camera you will see what I’m talking about. He says no call medical. So I did and she requests to be transported to the hospital. I’m thinking hell no, one because she is faking, the other is that I’ll have to go with her. Her request is approved and the Lt advises that we will just file on her out of custody. This means that we are just going to let her go and file a warrant to make sure she comes back. I’m relieved that I don’t have to go with her but she is clearly faking just to get out. Sure enough she gets loaded up in the ambulance and a block down the street she is released. Damn that’s EMS guys are good. It sure does seem like the patient always has a miraculous recovery at about the same spot ever time.

I go into dispatch and they tell me that her bail was just posted. I laugh because I know that she was filed out of custody and that paperwork doesn’t mean a thing. It also means that most likely who ever paid that money just lost it.

Her husband calls and requests to speak with me. I talk to him later and he wants to know why I let her go if I knew she was faking. I laugh and say it was policy and she requested to leave. He asked if there was anything else I can do. I say yeah, I rearrest her tomorrow and all her time starts over. He slams down the phone. I laugh and go on with the rest of my day with a huge smile.