Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't throw your weed at me!

Sunday night was a little slow so I decided to go to my favorite spot. See My Spot. The first vehicle I see is going southbound toward this intersection. I’m thinking this truck is going to see me because all traffic going eastbound and southbound can clearly see me. I’m guessing this only applies to people who have eyes. I’m in a parking lot next to a tree. If you’re driving toward me how are you not going to see me?

This vehicle blows the stop sign and I pull her over. I approach and smell marijuana. I call for another officer to make scene (policy) to search the vehicle. He arrives and I pull the female out. She is bouncing around and not really following orders. I smell weed but I’m getting clues for meth. I finally get her to stand in the property place (in front of my camera) and tell her about the smell. I ask her where is the weed is at? She pulls two baggies out of her waist band and gives it to me. She takes it out so fast it was like she was about to hit me with it. I smile and look at the weed. I ask if she has any more narcotics in the car. She advises no. I let her know that because she has been so cooperative that she is just going to be charged Drug Paraphernalia (Class C misdemeanor). She get hooked up and put in the back of my car.

While putting her up, she tells me that she had a burg of hab conviction when she was 17. She tells me that she got 15 years of probation. I’m doing the math in my head and she should be off probation this year. I ask her about that and she says “yeah I was supposed to be off this year.” I tell her that it’s going to be up to her to tell her PO about the weed because I’m not going to. I explain that it’s just a ticket and she can be out of jail as soon as she pays the ticket. She is like really? I tell her yeah it’s just a little dope. I finish putting her in the patrol unit and I let her know I have to inventory the vehicle. I ask one more time if there is anything in the truck. She says no.

I locate a glass pipe and ask her about it. I ask (knowing the answer already) is this a crack pipe or a meth pipe. She replies its ice. I’m thinking, “is that what I asked?” Oh, Oh yeah! That means I got some more dope to find! I love finding dope. I find her methamphetamine stash in the vehicle. She is charge with the felony. She is booked in with no issues. It looks like her PO is going to find this out after all. Stupid dopers.

My Spot

My favorite spot is the most hidden spots I know of. I have drawn a quick sketch of it so that it’s easier to understand (see below). I sit here mainly watching for the westbound traffic to blow the stop sign or to make a right hand turn without signaling. I love this spot because the westbound traffic is funneling into a not so good area. I have got more dope, weapons and drunk drivers off this one stop sign. I sit here after dark and hide next to this tree. Nobody from the westbound traffic can see me. NO ONE. I love this spot and sit here whenever I have some free time. I just wanted to point this out because I have talk about this spot multiple times now and wanted to link it up as a reference.

Grandma and Granddaughter

I hate working sexual assaults on children. I hate this with a passion. The other night I get a call that I needed to meet with a grandmother about her 8 year old granddaughter. I meet up and grandma is a meth head. She is about 50 years old but looks 80. He is gumming so hard I think he is about to break her jaw. I’m thinking oh shit, this is not going to be fun.

She starts to tell me the story of what her granddaughter had told her that happened 2 years ago with her mom’s ex-boyfriend. I’m talking with the granddaughter and getting some information. The grandmother then tells the granddaughter to tell me her story.

The young girl starts telling me the story and it’s pretty graphic. I get the details of this and start questioning the time frame. She couldn’t remember the exact month. I ask was it summer time or winter time? She says it was summer. I say oh so you were out of school then. She says yeah. We talk about school for a little bit. I then ask if this incident happened at the beginning of summer or at the end of summer. She said it was at the beginning June or July. Grandma interrupts and says NO it was winter. The granddaughter immediately changes her story to that it was in winter. I nicely tell Grandma to hold on and to let me talk. I start on if it was before Christmas or after Christmas. She couldn’t tell me. Do you know a child that doesn’t remember a Christmas? The young girl clams up and doesn’t give me much information after that. Everything she did give me she had to look up at grandma like she had to get approval.

I’m thinking that this young girl is being put up to reporting this. I’m not saying this assault didn’t happen but either way this is messed up. One that this really happened or two she is being taught some pretty nasty things to hurt someone else.

I notify a detective and later file my report. I pray that the things she told me didn’t happen but I know and seen some pretty screwed up shit.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Teacher and the Traffic Stop (LT's Visit)

This will be part two of my latest email “Teacher and the Traffic Stop

Last night I walk in to the PD and I’m getting my stuff ready for patrol. I’m alone in the patrol office when my Lt. walks in. I see the serious look on his face and I start to chuckle. I bend over, take my hand, make a mouth out of it (like a sock puppet) and put it toward my butt. I start making chomping sounds and look over at my Lt. and say “you want to do this now or later”. After I completed this sentence another officer walked in. Lt says sternly “No, I need you and Sgt. so and so in my office before you leave this building.” I look over at Lt and say “there is not a damn thing I did wrong on that traffic stop”. Lt. starts back pedaling. “No, no you did anything wrong but I want to give you some other options on how you could have handled that stop” he said. I'm thinking to myself "what am a fucking rookie"? He started giving me other options. He was telling me that I could have had the car drive up or ask the driver for a pen or call another officer for a pen. I tell him yeah but that is not how I would have handled it. I told him the only other thing that could have been done is that I ask the already irate person out of the vehicle and possibly create another situation. I needed to stroke some tickets and get out of there. I tell Lt that I’ll go and find Sgt and we will be in his office in a minute.

I go and find my Sgt and we go to Lt’s office. I start going over the traffic stop. After I finish Lt starts to tell me that driver did come to the PD and wanted to file a complaint. Lt. tells me that the driver is going to fight the ticket. I smile and tell him good I’ll have a ton of fun with this one. Lt. then states that we need to talk about the complaint. I look up at him and said I didn’t do shit wrong. He starts back pedaling again. No, no you’re not in trouble I just need to see your side of the story. I ask Lt if he watched the video yet. He said yes and said that right when I picked up my pen the audio start breaking up. He said that the rest of the stop nothing could be made out. He said that there seemed to be some inference when I bent down and wasn’t corrected until later in the shift. I was about to tell him that it’s not my fault our cordless audio mic’s are pieces of shit when he continued. He actually told me and right in front of my Sgt, that if the audio is un-operational that he would have no choice but to believe the civilians word. I shut my mouth and looked over at my Sgt. He immediately started to read a memo that he received. It was obvious he wanted to get out of the office ASAP. I put my hands in my lap and didn’t say a word the rest of the meeting. I’m on FIRE. I depart and hit the streets.

I go to a few calls and pulling over everyone and their brother in the mean time. My Sgt calls me to meet up. We meet up and we talk. He tells me no to let this bother me. He states that this driver is of those ‘I got connections and I’m going to get an officer in trouble’ type guys. I tell my Sgt that I’m not pissed about that. I’ve pulled over bigger, badder and more powerful types than him. I’m pissed because one of our Lt’s had just told me that he would be taking the word of a civilian over one of his officers. THIS is an out rage. Any fucking rookie knows you back your officers up. Civilians will lie to get out of a paper bag. They only want us around when they need us.

Sgt tells me that he was about to say something but wanted to wait till I left. I told him that he is lucky I didn’t say what I was thinking because I would have got days off. Sgt says he knows and that the Lt was 100% wrong saying that. I tell him he better talk to him. He said would but I doubt anything will change.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Teacher and the Traffic Stop

The last night I was sitting in one of my normal spots. This spot is my most hidden spot and I watch this stop sign. Yes, just one little stop sign that pretty much funnels into a not so good area. I have got more dope, weapons and drunk drivers off this one stop sign. I sit here after dark and hide next to this tree. Nobody from the eastbound traffic can see me. NO ONE. See My Spot

This particular night, at about midnight, I was sitting there and I see this white SUV come hauling ass and do a tap and a go. You know the no one is looking and I hit my brake so I stopped. Of course I stop this vehicle. Once the vehicle is stopped I notice all these high school stickers on the back of the vehicle. These are not the normal high schooler ones. These are the I’m a parent or teacher of a school stickers. I walk up and the car is full of older people. The driver was a big dude with a high school administration type shirt on. He is giving me body language attitude from the start. I ask for his drivers license and insurance. He hands it to me while huffing and puffing. I verify his name and address. His wife in the passenger seat is this old gray hair bitch that was running her mouth. Either they were fighting or they were the perfect couple of assholes. I’m ignoring her. I ask do you know the reason for the stop. This dip shit subconsciously says “What, I didn’t stop?” I repeated the question because I always attempt to get the violator to admit the mistake. He advises “NO I have no idea”. I ask “at the intersection of so and so did you come to a complete stop?” He advises YES I DID as confident as he could. I advised “no sir, you did not. I was right behind you and you did not come to a stop at all.” At this point his wife starts going off. She is yelling where is Sgt. so and so. I politely tell her that he works days. WHAT ABOUT OFFICER SO AND SO. I tell her he works days as well and this is night time. I crack a smile and grab my pen.

This vehicle was earning a citation. When I was walking up to the vehicle I was not planning on writing them a ticket. I’m looking for dope and weapons. Once at the window they had everything going for them. They were teachers at a local school. They were older people probably coming home from a high school event. They lived in the area that was not drug ridden.

I grab my pen and they realize that they just EARNED a ticket. While flipping open my notepad so coolly, I drop my pen. SHIT. I look down and that pen just kept on tumbling under the vehicle. I ask the driver to put his hands on the steering wheel. He yells no I’m not and crosses his arms. I yell PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL. He slams his hands on the wheel and he wants to know why. I tell him I dropped my pen and I need to retrieve it. He yells why do I have to keep my hands here. I yell back because I don’t want you to hit me with your car door or pull a weapon out. He starts I’m the Ex-fire chief I’m the so and so. I yell shut your month and keep your hands up there. I grab my pen and bounce back scanning to make sure nothing had changed. TEXT BOOK Po-Po 101. I get my info and go back to the car print off the ticket and return back to his car. I tell him he is going to be receiving a citation for running the stop sign. He starts flipping out. He is requesting all my info and his wife is still running her mouth. I’m ignoring her and informing him that all my info in on the citation. “Well I want it anyway” he replies. I tell him everything he requests. He is jotting this down as fast and hard as he can on the citation. I mean everything. He finally signs the citation requests my Sgt’s name. I tell him and he advises me that he will be going to the station shortly. I inquired if he needed directions. He just looked at me. I ask for my pen and my copy of the citation. He gives it back and pulls away. Funny part is that everything he wrote down was on my copy. He speeds off.

I immediately contact my Sgt and tell him what happen. He starts laughing and tells me good job. At the end of the shift he is going through my tickets and he gets to this one. He is laughing out loud. I tell the story to a few officers and pass around the citation. We all get a good laugh at this. My Sgt looks at me and say jokingly “you know were both going to be in L-T’s office tomorrow. I say yeap with a smile.

See Teacher and the Traffic Stop (LT's Visit)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Trailer trash vs Coach

I get a call at TGI Friday’s about a disturbance. My Sgt and I arrive about the same time. We talk to a few parties inside and out of Friday’s and find out that the disturbance was about this trailer trash female and a teacher/coach from a near by school. This issue was that the coach was sitting at the bar with his buddies drinking. They are having a colorful conversation. It was the typical fuck this, fuck that, shit, damn, crap, type language. This trailer trash female was sitting next to him at the bar with her 15 year old kid. The trailer trash is one of those 300 pound 5’0 tall fat bitches with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She starts yelling at the coach to watch his language around her 15 year old son. The coach pretty much lays into her that it’s a bar and her 15 year old kid should not be here. There is smoking, drinking, and cussing and all three is not for kids. She gets her oh no you didn’t attitude and he pretty much tells her to fuck off.

We arrive and are getting information on what had happened. I had stopped the coach outside, got his view and had him sit down on a bench. He is obviously drunk and running his mouth a little bit. He is stating things like this is messed up you need to arrest that fat bitch. I tell him to chill out. My Sgt comes out and we start to share our stores when the coach starts running his mouth again. I tell him to hold on. He stands up starts saying fuck him (My Sgt) he is going to take her side anyway. I run over to the coach and was about 3 inches from his face telling him that if he says another word he is going to jail. I lay into him about his aggressive and violent attitude and he needed to calm down. This coach was BIG. I’d say 6’5, 275 lbs solid muscle. Once I was in his face, he learned real quick that I didn’t care how big he was. All size means is that you’re going to hit the ground harder. Well he starts talking in his little girl voice saying I – I – I didn’t say anything aggressive to that officer. The coach looks over to my Sgt and asks did I say anything aggressive or violent. My Sgt says Yeah, your body language and mouth are about to write you a one way ticket to jail. The coach chills out.

This coach ends having a warrant. We let him know and hook him up. The coach starts on Sgt again and Sgt just tells him he is going for PI as well. This is great!!! More paper work for me!!!! Lol. This sucks because the fat bitch needs to go but there is nothing against the law for being stupid.

While I’m putting him in the back of my car all his buddies start coming out of Friday’s and wanting to know what is going on. My Sgt is talking to about 3 of them when another walks up behind him. I run to that guy that was walking up on my Sgt and was about to bulldog tackle him. This guy sees me running right at him and starts to back away with his hands up. I tell him NEVER walk up on a cops back side. My Sgt had no clue why I was running toward him. He thought I was running to help him out with the guys in front of him. He thanked me later because he had tunnel vision on the 3 big dudes. I cannot blame him but damn. Situation is calm and nobody else goes to jail.

While booking this guy in he was cracking jokes the whole time. I was cracking up almost crying. He was telling me he loved me and wanted me to come to his school and speak. He starts dancing and telling me he is going to do the duck walk. I tell him he better not. I cannot stop laughing. What normally takes 20-30 minutes took over an hour. Got to love drunks.

Dick out

Another Officer and I had stopped by a club/bar just before 0200 am. We walk in and walk around the club pretty much just making our presence known. We hang out about 5-10 minute inside the bar. We then walk outside the bar and just hang out to make sure no fights or anything stupid happens outside. We are not hiding or trying ducking down behind cars. After about standing outside a mintue or two a guy just walks out with his penis hanging outside of his pants. He was just walking normal with is dick on the outside of his pants. The guy grabs his dick and puts in back in his pants and attempts to walk back into the bar. We cuff him and stuff him. I ask him what he was thinking. He stated it just fell out. Sorry dude but I have never had my dick just fall out of my pants. Not only that but it fell outside of his zipper.

After he was in the back of the patrol car, a couple of his drunken buddies come up (like always). All drunken people are a like. They try to order us around. For instance they say stuff like, don’t arrest him we will take him home. I love this because I get to get into smart ass mode. This time I start taking out my handcuffs and look over to the other officer and say. “Go ahead and unhandcuff this one” (nodding toward the guy already arrested). I then look over to the smart ass trying to get his buddy out of trouble and say “This one is requesting to take his place”. This is sooo funny. The smart ass throws his hands up and is like no that’s alright. I start pressing him. What you are not going to take one for you friend? WHAT kind of friend are you? Huh, duh, what, is all I get. LOL. I love my JOB.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Funny Doper story

I get dispatched to a vehicle ramming a car in the drive way of one of our doper houses. The actor vehicle had left the scene. I made scene and met up with the doper and his wife. Another officer catches the suspect vehicle. The situation is that the doper got a call from his ex best friend and they began to argue. The ex best friend had came over and started to ramming the dopers car with a car he had barrowed. We caught the actor he is hooked up and jailed.

Here is the funny part. I have the doper fill out a voluntary statement and I tell him to be as detailed as possible. I do not think I have ever read anything so detailed. He writes “…..while I was taking a dump, I had a turd hanging out of my ass when I heard several loud crashing sounds coming from outside my house. I then quickly wipe my ass and ran out side with a turd still hanging out of my ass…...” I’m reading this and trying to be as professional as possible and I just could not help myself. I start laughing out loud. He just looks at me and tells me that I told him to be detailed. I finish up and do my reports.

After we are back at the station my Sgt is checking my paper work and I’m watching him because I’ll know when he gets to that part. He drops the paper work and just looks up at me giggling like a little girl. He just says “are you fucking serious”. I just nodded my head and left.