Monday, January 28, 2008

Ball Biter

I was dispatched and arrived to a domestic that a female comes running out of the house with blood all over her shirt screaming. She had a small bump on her forehead and was screaming “He beat the hell out of me”. I asked were he was at. She replied that he was in the house. I also asked about weapons and she tells me that he had lots of them in there and he might use them. I call other units to the scene and make contact with the husband inside the residence by cell phone. He tells me that he is injured and could not come outside. I tell him that he is going to have to come out. He finally comes out with his hands up limping. He is only wearing boxer shorts and no shirt. I see blood running down is leg and a red blood circle near his crotch. He starts yelling “That bitch bit my nuts” I start interviewing both subjects.

Both of their stories conflicted but this is what I believed had happened. The husband and wife (common law) were arguing about him possibly talking to another female. The wife leaves for about 2 hours. The husband goes to bed. The wife comes home and while the husband was still asleep she had went into the bedroom and had taken a bite out of his right testistical. He immediately woke up (duhh) and began to beat her ass. He took her head and threw it into the ground. She then at that point instead of fleeing, grabbed a full length mirror and swung it Babe Ruth style at him. She then began to beat him with the frame of the mirror. The point here is that she had the opportunity to flee and she never took that option.

I looked over the evidence and heard both sides of the story. Nothing she was telling me was adding up. She advised that he was chasing her around the bedroom after she had “twisted” his nuts but he was in extreme pain Looking at his injuries (side note: wholly shit that must have hurt) I did not believe he was running anywhere. He could hardly walk to the door. We located the weapons that she described he had….both of them. She kept on saying that he had lots of weapons making it appear that we were about to have a stand off. These weapons were no were close to him. Everything she kept on telling me seem to change and wasn’t the truth. I was having a hard time believing anything she was telling me. I think she was extremely jealous and was just in a blind rage.

After I did my investigation, I was told that he was getting hooked up and not her. In my opinion he did assault her but she should have been locked up as well. I do what the boss says. I wrote my report and it was kicked back to me. I was told that my report read that she was the aggressor and I was to change it. I told my boss that I would not be changing it and if he wanted to write a supplement he was more than welcome to. He never did.

The next day I walk in and I’m informed that I needed to contact specific officer about this case. I contact him and he fills me in that he is investigating the wife. After talking we conclude that after I had left her house she departed. She had gone to her husband 2nd home and had caused about $20,000 dollars in damage. Funny part is that the whole thing was caught on video tape from a nosy neighbor. I later asked her about what she did after I left. She said that she went to the hospital and came straight back home. Since I was not investigating this damage I couldn’t drop the bomb but I wanted to. I hate liars and she is going to get what is coming to her.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Skiing Trip - Conclusion (Part six)

Conclusion to the trip:

With the exception of the bitch, this was actually one of the best trips I have been on. The skiing was awesome and the views were amazing. When I got back I added up all the money spend and wholly crap I sent a lot. No big deal though because I love traveling.

I have talked to my buddy once since we got back and think that our relationship will be fine after a while. I will not be putting up with any more of the bitches shit though. I can honestly say that four of us will not being hanging out anytime soon.

I’m expecting this bitch to get a job soon and will be leaving my buddy. I think this because they didn’t get along most of the trip. She unusually spent his money all over the place. It was just really odd how she was acting on this trip. He’s love blind right now and will hit him with a ton of brinks but it will be good for him. I just hope this happens soon than later.

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Skiing Trip - Day five (Part five)

Day Five:

The last day of the trip! We all decided that were to wake up early and try to drive to the airport early. We had scheduled our flight to leave at 730 pm so that we would have plenty of time to get to the airport in case the roads were icy. We lucked out and saw on the news that the roads were not icy at all. The goal now is to get to Denver ASAP. We were going to drop off our luggage and go Downtown Denver to do some shopping or eat or do what ever.

Me and my wife wake up and start getting our stuff packed to leave. As soon as I wake up I call my buddy up and wake them up to get ready. My wife and I shower, pack and clean up the room. I call them and let them know we were heading down and packing up the SUV. We lug our luggage down stairs. I pull the truck to the front door and load up our luggage. I sit and wait for about 15 minutes warming up the vehicle. My wife decides to go back to their room and check on them. She calls me up and tells me that they are not ready yet. Not a problem. I park the truck and go back to the room. My wife tells me that she just called them on the phone and had not gone to the room. I give them about 30 more minutes to get ready. Instead of calling I run next door and check on them and they open the door. FIRE runs through my veins. I see the two of them sitting watching cartoons. WHAT THE FUCK!!! I calmly tell them that we need to go. I go to my room and sit on the couch watching out in the hall to see when they pass. The bitch passes in front of my room and stops and looks at me. She gives me a look like “are you going to help me with my luggage”. I tell her that I’ll be down in the lobby in a minute. They take there sweet little time dragging there stuff down stairs. I pull the truck around again. I open the back of the truck up and the bitch brings her luggage to the side of the truck leaves them there. She gets into the truck without loading her crap. I should have just left her shit. I load her crap and buddy does the same thing. Screw that. I jump in the front with his luggage still on the side of the vehicle. He gets out of the truck and loads it up. He gets back into the truck and we set off toward Denver.

We start driving to Denver and not even 5 minutes into the trip the bitch says she wants to stop and eat. I look over to my buddy and he can tell this is something she should not have said. He tells her that we just left and she would have to wait. About 5 minutes after that he and his girl both get on their cell phones and check voice mails. Not a problem again. Next I hear are both of them returning messages. Do you know what it is like listening to two people in a confined space fighting over who can talk louder on the cell phone? This is not going to be a fun trip. I look at my wife and she looks more pissed than I do. I turn on the radio and start hauling ass. I'm hoping that the further I can get the more likely their calls will get disconnected. Sure enough it does. I smile little.

We drive for about a hour and we stop at a small town to eat. The bitch of coarse requested 10 different chain restaurants. I tell her that there are no chain restaurants in the middle of nowhere and she will have to settle for mom and pop restaurant. The food was good and after we get done eating my buddy asks me to pick up the tab so he can go and smoke. Not a problem. He gets up and goes out. My wife and I are sitting there and the bitch just gets up without saying a word and leaves. I am thinking she is getting up to go to the bathroom. Shortly after my wife gets up and goes to the bathroom as well. My wife comes back and tells me that the bitch is in the car. I’m thinking well fuck her then. As you can tell this is starting to snow ball. My wife and I talk about this and assures me that we will be home soon. I feel much better.

I get back in the car and we start off again. Guess what….. The bitch gets on her cell again. I turn the radio up. She gets the point and gets off the phone. The bitch makes a comment about seeing if we can catch an earlier flight. THIS IS THE SMARTEST THING TO EVER COME OUT OF HER MOUTH. Soon as we get close to Denver my buddy calls to check on available flights. Of course the automated system sucks and the operator is a moron. We find out that there are no available flights out. We arrive at Denver international at about 100 pm. As we are pulling in we are talking about what we were going to do. My suggestion is to check in, check our luggage and see about an earlier flight. We stop in a no parking zone so that we can unload our luggage. We get our luggage and we are talking about the plan. The bitch just walks off. I’m thinking what the fuck. Does she not want to be part of the decision? Does she just want to stay at the airport? The three of them check in all luggage and they all come back to the truck.

We all load up and start driving out. They tell me that we are put on stand by. I’m thinking okay what are we doing? Are we staying at the airport or going to Denver? Not one of them could decide on what to do. So I made the decision. I drove over to the car rental place and turned in the truck. That’s right. We are going to sit at the airport for 6 fucking hours. I’m sick of the shit. We get into the terminal and the two of them walk off. I chill and a watch. My buddy walks off going to the bathroom. I walk over to the bitch and tell her that we are going to meet at the information center and pointed over toward it. She doesn’t even acknowledge me. This was the last straw for me attempting to be nice to her. Me and my wife walk off and about 30-45 minutes later my buddy calls me up and asks where I’m at. I tell him I’m at restaurant having a beer and if he wants to join me he could. He tells me he will be down in a minute. I wait about 15 and head out. I’m not waiting on them anymore. A little while later we are walking around and he spots me and calls me on the phone to let me know that I just past him. He was in another restaurant. My wife and I join him and his girl. I don’t say two words to the bitch. They whisper to each other and she walks off. He is pissed off at her tell me it’s over with her. I’m thinking this is great news but I know better. He asks me what my problem was and I just explode with information. He looks over at me and tells me that I need to chill the fuck out. I tell him to fuck off and that I’ve held my tongue all trip long and I’m not going to be disrespected any longer. He starts to defend her and I’m not hearing any of it. I tell him he can walk anytime. Five minutes later he tells me that he needs to go and deal with her and makes a half ass excuse to leave. The two groups pretty much doesn’t talk till we get back home. We arrive and I drive them to there apartment. I politely unload their luggage and the bitch grabs her shit and walk away without saying a damn thing. My buddy shakes my hand and thanks me for the great trip. Because of the bitch not even saying bye or even thanks for nothing asshole I’m more pissed than ever. I’m shaking my buddy’s hand and talking loud. I’m saying “thank YOU for coming and I’m glad YOU came along. I get back into my truck and peel out. There is not question on why I was pissed....

Skiing Trip - Conclusion (Part six)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Skiing Trip - Day four (Part four)

Day Four:

Today we all sleep in a little because we have a snowmobile trip planned. The four of us wake up, get dress and go get breakfast at the same restaurant we have ate at each morning. The service was awesome up to this point. I think that my buddy’s girl just brings shitty karma with her. We get there and it’s packed of course. We have a terrible waitress with a negative attitude. She screws up my order. I simply let her know of her error and she leaves to correct it. She returns to refill our drinks and shooting go to hell looks at everyone at my table. We all talk about her giving the looks to see if I was the only one that noticed. Well everyone noticed. She came back a few other times and did the same thing. She screws up my order again and I just tell her to forget it I’ll the shit. My buddies girl says no make her fix it right in front of the waitress. The waitress really shoots a go to hell look at her. My buddy (I’m guessing) had to stand up for her and requests for the waitress’s manager. The manager arrives and my buddy starts going off about the waitress. I can tell he is losing control so I take over and tell her about the issues we are having. I explain how we had come there three days in a row and had a great experience the first two days. I told the manger how the waitress had screw up the order and that we could understand the mistakes. Our main concern was the attitude and the dirty looks. The waitress was hovering around us while this conversation was going on. Once I started informing the manager about the looks the waitress looked over and I immediately pointed at her and stated “SEE those looks” It was great catching her in the act right in front of her manager. Manager advises that she was going to comp our meals. I tell her this was not necessary and that we just wanted the issue to be brought to light. The manager advised that she would take care of the issue. We finish the meal and left to go snowmobiling.

A driver for the snowmobiling company met us at the hotel to take us out to a site so that we could go snowmobiling. The four of us pilled up into the van. We leave and pick up 4 additional people. After the van was full the driver drove us out about 45 minutes into the wilderness. We arrived to a little wooden shack with about 10 snowmobiles parked out front. We got dressed up in safety gear and signed all the required paper work. My wife of course asked me for my wallet to pay for the trip. I hand her my wallet she pays and she then hand it back to me. We loaded up on the snowmobiles and set out. This was awesome. This was definitely the highlight of the trip. We drive through the woods over frozen rivers, between trees, up into the mountains and just all over. This was simply AMAZING. The guide takes us to a cleared area that had no trees. He lets us know where the boundaries are and sets us loose to ride the snowmobiles anywhere we wanted to. These bad boys go about 55 mph and I’m halling ass everywhere. While we are playing around on the snowmobiles the guide drives to the top of the mountain to see if the trail was drivable. The guide comes back down the mountain and tells us that it will be a tough trek and if we wanted to attempt the trip he would take us. Out of 8 people only myself and this other girl chose to go. It was a fun trip. We get to the top of the mountain and there are NO trees anywhere and looked like a barren wasteland. It was cool. The snow was coming down so hard you could only see about 50 feet in front of you. Once at the top I hop off of the snowmobile and I sink down about 4 feet in snow. This was very cool. It had been snowing so much and fast that the snow didn’t have time to get packed down. I hope back on the snowmobile and we head down the mountain. The guide tells us that going down we don’t have to take the same path and that we can drive in the powder. I do this and it seems like at one points I’m burrowing down into the snow instead of driving on top of it. I’d say I was about 3 feet under the snow and could not see. I had to keep on wiping my goggles because I couldn’t see. We make it down and the guide laughs and tells me he thought he was sure I was going to get stuck.

We ride around for another hour or so and complete the tour. We drive the snowmobiles back to the shack. After undressing and getting our stuff ready to go back to the hotel, the group is getting out money to give the guide a tip. I reach in the pocket that I had placed my wallet in and pulled out nothing but snow! I’m talking about packed in my pocket seemed like about a pound of snow. I started freaking out because I was sure that I zipped that pocket up. Well I wasn’t worried about losing money or credit cards or my driver’s license. I was worried about losing my badge and Police Department ID card!!!! We check around the area but the wallet was no where to be found. My wife brings up the point about getting on the plane the next day with no ID. I don’t care about that; I was just worried about the badge. I’ll walk home if I can just find my wallet.

The guide said that after he dropped us off at the hotel he would go back and drive the trail and look for my wallet. I thought there was no way he is going to find that wallet. After about 30 minutes anything and everything out there would be covered in snow. I figured all is lost and dreading informing the PD about losing my badge and ID. Later that night I get a call for my guide that another snowmobiler guide found my wallet. THANK GOD!!!! What a relief. The other guide said that he found it coming down that tough mountain top. He said he only saw a little black corner sticking out of the snow. He said it was odd because EVERYTHING was just white. He said that if he would have came down 5-10 minutes later it would have been completely covered. I meet up with the guide and give him a hundred for finding my wallet. After receiving my wallet I was in the mood to party down.

Instead of going out to a bar I suggest that we get some drinks and chill at the hotel and play some games. I brought a game called Catch Phrase. Absolutely the best group game out there. This is my all time favorite game. This game is a digital disk shows a word like “moon”. It is my job to get my partner to say Moon with out saying the word, saying sounds like, or starts with. Once my partner gets the word I pass the disk over to the next person on the opposing team. We pass it around in a circle. While this is going on an audio beeping is going on. This beeping is a count down and don’t want to be stuck holding the disk while it goes off. You lose if this happens. This is a very fast pace game and really fun.

We split up into groups and since my wife and I play this game so much we were not allowed to be on the same team. I immediately choose my buddy’s wife to be on my team. My thought process is that my buddy is horrible at this game and my wife is okay but figure the two would struggle a little bit. Also I didn’t want my buddy and his girl fighting at the end of the night. Also I was hoping that she would get in a good mood. Well I picked the dumbest person in America. I mean I would rather play this game with a retard instead of her. I’d give perfect clues and she would never get any of them. The other team would laugh there asses off because they knew the word two seconds after I gave a few clues. I can understand someone being stupid but when she had the disk I would just calmly attempt to guess. She would get so frustrated at me because I would not get her stupid clues. She started yelling at me and threw the disk. I’m boiling inside. I’m not saying anything back. I’m telling myself to calm down not to say anything. I just smile and my wife gives me a look like good job for not throwing her out the window. We continue the game and we lose horribly 2 out of 10 different games. I make the best of it and call it a night…..

Skiing Trip - Day five (Part five)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Skiing Trip - Day three (Part three)

Day Three:

Me and my buddy wake up early and go to eat breakfast at the same restaurant we ate at the day prior and then go skiing. My wife doesn’t join us skiing this day but the night prior we all decided that we would meet up for lunch at a restaurant on the side of the mountain. Lunch time is approaching and my wife calls me and tells me that my buddy’s girl is not going to be joining us. Take a wild guess what she wanted to do. If you guess sleep you are correct. My wife takes the gondola up the mountain and meets us on the mountain. We sit down for lunch and my buddy now feels like a 3rd wheel. He makes the best of it but he is pissed. After an amazing lunch on the mountain my wife heads down on the gondola. My buddy wants to ski down so that he can talk to his girl and find out what the fuck is going on. I tell him to head down I’m going to ski another trail and I’ll be about 30 minutes behind him. He skis down and I follow down about 30 minutes later. I call him on my cell and he tells me that she is hung over (surprise surprise) and he was going to stay and talk with her a little bit more. Since I had funny feeling that his ski day was over, I tell him to call me when he is ready to go skiing again and I would meet back up with him. I head back up and have a great time the rest of the day. I have never really skied by myself before and I soon found out this was much better. I didn’t have to wait on his fat ass all the time, so I got a ton of skiing in. I also met some really cool people on the ski lifts. I noticed that most of the locals liked to use the word "Nice". This sounds pretty normal but now trying ending EVERY sentence with nice. I finish up skiing and get ready for dinner, Nice. lol

We had reservations to go on a sled ride that took us to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain was a little restaurant that we had a 5 coarse meal. All four of us go and had an awesome time. The views were amazing. It was a little cold but well worth it. The food was great as well. We get done with dinner and the sled takes us down the mountain. We go to a local bar to have a few drinks. My buddy’s girls is starting to head down the same path that she wants to stay out all night. I start seeing the signs and I call it a night before the drama happens again. She actually leaves with us.

Skiing Trip - Day four (Part four)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Skiing Trip - Day one and two (Part two)

Day One:

We get on the plane and arrive in Colorado. We get our rental car and drive to our destination. We go out to dinner to this sushi restaurant. My buddy’s girlfriend orders almost every type of sushi on the menu. Not a problem for someone WITH A JOB. I’m not paying for her so I am not caring too much. On a side note this was the worst sushi have ever had. I think they used Uncle Ben’s rice. While at dinner we order a couple of drinks. She starts ordering double shots for herself. Again I don’t care I’m not paying. She orders 4 double shots. With all the sushi and her drinks, her total bill was easily triple my bill. We end up calling it a night early so that we can get up early so we can go and ski.

Day Two:

I wake up about 330 am and hit up the internet because I am still used to my late nights. My buddy finally wakes up and I tell him that we should get our skies and go get some breakfast. He wants to go eat and come back and get the skis. I’m hesitant but I agree and we head out. He, his girl and I go outside and take about 10 steps into the snow when my buddy wants to get the skis so we don’t have to come back. Wow! wish I would have thought about this before we came down. His girl states that she will go and get us a seat while we get our skis. Not a problem or so I thought. My buddy gave her his wallet so that she can order. We took about 15 minutes to get our ski’s on and we were out the door. We get the restaurant and she is no where to be found. We go to three other restaurants looking for her and nothing. I call her cell phone and it goes straight to voice mail. I’m getting cranky because I’m starving hungry and why in the fuck would you not have your cell phone on. I sit down and let my buddy look for HIS girl. I sit down and order. I’m pissed, I’m hungry and she is not my responsibility. After 10 minutes of looking he sits down and orders.

While waiting for our food to arrive, I make a few more attempts to call her. She finally answers. She yells that she has been waiting for 30 minutes for us. I respectfully tell her that she is full of shit. She advises that she will be down in a minute. Just before she arrives we get our food. She gets to our table with a huge attitude and couldn’t believe we ordered without her. She has a fit and walks away. My buddy is like screw her because he is pissed about this and that she was order all those shots last night. She will now be knows as "the bitch"

We ski and my wife joins us about 2 hours later. The best skiing I ever skied. While skiing on the mountain I would say that there was about 5-6 inches of powder snow gliding over my skis. PERFECT skiing conditions. There was just so much powder everywhere. There was so much snow that I would ski as fast as I could and instead of turning I would just hit right into a big mound of the snow. It was soft as a pillow.

Later that evening, we all get in and guess what, the bitch is still in bed. It’s 5-6 pm. We all decide to hit up the hot tub and she advises that she doesn’t want to go because the hot tub is nasty. Well I’m so fucking sorry your majesty. I will be sure to drain the tub, scrub the shit out of it, refill it and put all the regular chemicals back into it. If you wish, I will also come back upstairs and carry you back down to it so that your precious little toes doesn’t have to hit the dirty ground. This bitch is about to piss me off.

Me and my wife hit up the hot tub and had a nice time. We get out and clean up for dinner. We go to my buddy’s hotel room and let him know that we were going to go get dinner if he and his girl wanted to go. She of coarse had to make the comment that set me off. Why do you want to do everything together? I tell her that I’m sorry I wanted to invite them to dinner. I was just trying to be polite. I leave and call my buddy to deal with that. We get dress and the 4 of us go to dinner. The dinner was much better this night. After dinner the restaurant had a live band come in and we decided to have a few more drinks and watch the band. Again this bitch orders double shots of the most expensive drinks. About 11pm my buddy starts to get tired and wants to head in. We have only been skiing all day long. I’m also getting pretty worn out. She doesn’t want to go in. My buddy tells her that he is out and leaves. I tell him that I’ll keep an eye on her for him. It’s about 12:30 am and my body was getting pretty tired and I wanted to get up early to do more SNOW SKIING on our SNOW SKIING trip. I suggest that we all head in. She gives some attitude and I just think to myself that she is an adult and if she wants to stay out all night so be it. Me and my wife head in for the night...

Skiing Trip - Day three (Part three)

Skiing Trip - Prior to leaving (part one)

Prior to leaving on Ski Trip:

What a Bitch. First off this is not going to be a happy blog and will have six parts to it. I just got back from a snow skiing trip. It was me, my wife and another couple. My one buddy has been my friend for over 6 years. He’s a cool cat that parties hard and normally just dates a few girls. I have never really known him to settle down with a girl. It’s not that he cannot, it’s just his standards are way too high. He’s fat, lazy and dirty. I can say all these things because, like I said, he is my buddy and I tell him these simple facts all the time. He has been dating this chick for about 6 months now and at first she was cool as can be. I would have to say that he finally lowered his standards a little bit because this chick isn’t a perfect 10 like most of them are. Her looks are about a 7 and after the trip her attitude is a -2. Anyway we would all go out and have a good time. A couple months ago they moved in together. This is when I started noticing things about this chick that I didn’t necessarily agree with. She would go out all night and not come home. This is my buddy’s girl so if he’s okay with it, then i'm cool with it. I know lately he has wanted to settle down and get married one day. I’m thinking he is putting up with more shit than he should be.

One night we go out and I can obviously tell she was high. Since one of my specialties in law enforcement is narcotic’s, I go into cop mode. I HAVE to figure out what she is on. After about 5-10 minutes I figure it out. She is high on cocaine. I can honestly say I’m pretty liberal on drugs. If you want to do it for personal use, fine with me. Just keep it to yourself and in your house. If I catch you with it, then you are in trouble. If you high and cannot even function, that anther problem as well. If I catch you dealing or have more than personal use then I’ll hang you out to dry. I don’t mess with small timers unless they piss me off. Drugs will take over your life if you let it but I do believe some people can control it. Don’t believe me! Ask yourself if you have ever had a drink of alcohol. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs out there. Society just approves of this one. I'm not one to judge and that's why I don't care what you do to yourself.

Later that night my buddy confides with me and tells me about her going out all night. He tells me that he is a little worried. I ask him if he know of any kind of drug use and he tell me that she has smoked weed and done a little coke but doesn’t do any of that any more. Of course I made the mistake getting into his relationship and letting him know that she was high right now. I also told him that if i was him I would not let her stay out all night. That’s a big problem since she is living with him. I just wanted to look after him.

He has his talk with her and she tells him everything. She says that she was high on coke but isn’t messing around on him. This is straight bullshit but if wants to give her the benefit of the doubt so be it. Their relationship improves but she immediately blames me for filling his head (with the truth). We hang out some but not a much as we used to. My wife and I plan a snow skiing trip and invite several couples to go along. Of coarse everyone says they are going but always back out. The only people that go on this trip are my buddy and his girlfriend. I’m thinking this will be fine with no problems. HA fucking HA. Boy was I dead wrong on this one.

Two weeks prior to us leaving I find out that she doesn’t like the snow. She actually tells me she has a phobia of the snow. Why in the world would you go on a SNOW skiing trip if you are afraid of the snow? She tells me that she is just going to hang out at the hotel. I’m thinking we have 50 million hotels in Texas. Why would you get an airline ticket and fly to Colorado to hang out in a hotel. I’m dumbfounded. Oh forgot to say she lost her job prior to going on this trip so she has NO money. This is going to be a great trip…..

Skiing Trip - Day one and two (Part two)

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Last night I was about to check out of my patrol unit and do a bar check when dispatch advises that she is about tone the fire department. Meaning they are being called out to a fire or more likely a medical issue. Prior to her toning them she advises that there “might” be a structure fire across from a middle school and names the middle school. Our fire department sometimes helps out a few different local cities so I didn’t pay too much attention to the middle school in question. My Sgt this shift was assisting another officer on a traffic stop and immediately calls out that there is no maybe, THERE IS A FIRE and he can see the flames. I’m thinking what? This cannot be. Number one there is no middle school in our area by that name. Number two how can he see it that far. Well I haul ass to a local church that is just around the corner and on a much higher elevation than most of the area that I work. I get there and I can see a bright glow across the city and thinking wholly shit. Why in the fuck didn’t she dispatch SOMEONE to that!!! I call out I’m in route code and flying to that area which I would say is about 5 miles away. I’m doing about 90-110 mph trying to get there. It’s about 12:30 am in the morning and nobody is on the roads. Very unusual but I’m grateful.

I finally get there and I see the fire. It’s the Dope house I have been working for 3 freaking months and have been trying to build a solid forced entry warrant. This house is actually a 500-700 sq foot shed in the back yard. I’ve been in this shed once and has a (very cool) hidden room in the back were the dopers smoke / cook / and do what ever back there. I know it’s hidden because the time I was in there the “shelves/hidden wall” was open about 9 degrees from the wall. I could see a table and chairs. I attempted to walk back there but the owner smartly informed me that I didn’t have a warrant and requested that I left the property. I have never actually been back there but I have some info on what goes on there. These are one of those I’ll catch you soon or later things.

When I arrive the flames are 100-150 ft into the air. All four walls were on fire and was actually a pretty cool site to see. I haven’t seen a good fire like this in a while. I notify all available officers to respond because we have to get people up and out of their homes along with some traffic control. I’m knocking on doors and running from house to house. People come to the door all pissed off and naked of coarse (It’s after midnight). I’m yelling get dressed and get out. People of coarse start grabbing valuables. My Sgt arrives and he walks in between two house and just starts watches the fire. I join him and we start talking. He pretty much tells me F’em, if their house catches on fire then we’ll force them out. Not the angle I normally go with but I am not the boss. I also make a comment, “boy I hope those dopers aren’t in there”. The look on his face was priceless. This thought never crossed his mind. I guess either he forgot about the dopers or he’s one of those carefree, light / retirement at the end of the tunnel Sgt's. I’m thinking if they are in there, it doesn’t really matter because they are crispy critters by now.

I finally get the people out of their homes and just sit back and let the fire department do their jobs. After about an hour the fire was put out and they were packing up. Oh yeah about name of that middle school. We don’t call that middle school the name that dispatch called out. She was a new dispatcher and I’m sure she will be corrected on that very quick. Also she learned a quick lesson (by yours truly) to DISPATCH PD to a structure fire. She told me that she wanted to make sure FD got there first. F that. That is someone else’s job and she was working as PD’s dispatcher this night.

Good new is that there were no crispy critters and that was the only building destroyed. Bad news is that I never got to see how cool that hidden room was actually constructed or busted anyone. Better luck next time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stats and snagged arrest.

About a week ago we got our shift stats in. Our patrol shift leads the department in all categories and has since I joined this shift. I and this other officer were looking over the stats together and he made a comment he beat me in arrests. I looked over the stat sheet and had to correct him. He did beat me in misdemeanor arrests but I had beat him in felony arrests thus my total arrests were much higher than his. This other officer is very motivated like me. We looked over all the other stats and I beat him in every category except misdemeanor arrest, and mileage. LOL. Yes we get stats on everything. Well he started making excuses that it was this or that. I told him he hasn’t beaten me since I started on his shift. Well of coarse we never officially agreed on a challenge but I think that he told himself that he was going to beat me this month. Two days into the month he had five more arrests than me. So I knew for sure he was going to try and get more this month.

I have to put in a side note here. For all those people thinking this is messed up that we are more or less competing, screw you. We are preventing crime not creating it. If you get a ticket for speeding don’t speed. If you have a warrant, be more responsible and pay your tickets. This being half way through the month I can honestly say that, neither I nor this other officer has arrested someone that we would not have normally arrested. I know for fact I have let people go and last night he let someone go.

This was the story I wanted to tell though. Last night he was working in my spot. Yeah I found this out later and not too happy. That’s ok though because it is for the common good. Well he’s watching this stop sign were nobody can see him. He sees this car driving at a high rate of speed and slams on his breaks creating a big cloud of smoke at the stop sign. This vehicle comes to a complete stop and then takes off white smoking his tires. This officer attempts to pull him over but the driver is failing to yield to him. Meaning PURSUIT!!!!

I’m on a traffic stop that the driver is cocking an attitude and I know he had dope in the car. Well, officer safety is more important than a dope arrest so I beak off of my stop and running code to this assist this other officer.

This subject finally stops for the officer and multiple units arrive on scene so dispatch advises me to reduce code. This sucks because I hate traffic and red lights. I reduce and finally make scene. The driver advised that he was having an asthma attack and was in a rush to get home for his medication. The other officer advises me that the driver is intoxicated but could be having breathing problems. We pull the driver out so that we can talk to him about his breathing problems. The driver keeps on asking us to call his mom so that she can bring him his medicine. I never do this because I don’t know if mom has an AK-47 friend she might want bring to the scene. That and drunks always want to call someone to pick them up AFTER they are caught.

I contact medical to the scene instead. The driver does have an inhaler on him and takes that. This pretty much fixes his breathing problem but I still have medical make scene. Since his breathing returned to normal, the other officer conducts a field sobriety test. While this test is being conducted the drivers parents arrive and I go and speak with them. They inform me that the other officer had contact them. I’m not too happy about this but this was his show. This meaning that all other officers on scene are there to assist him and what ever he wants to do is his decision. The test is completed and the driver fails. I’m informed of this and that the driver was also twenty years old. In Texas if your under 21 years old and you have any detectable amounts of alcohol you can go to jail for DUI. Well he’s going for DWI now. Medical arrives on scene, checks out the driver and he refuses treatment. I talk with the other officer and he tells me he is just going to stroke some tickets and release the driver to the parents. Again not my show. I wasn’t there for the whole thing but I would have hooked him up for something. He could have gone for DWI, DUI, PI, or evading arrest. I would have gone with PI or evading. Well the officer releases the subject to the parents after stroking him 4 tickets.

I later talk to the other officer about letting him go. He informed me that the driver was legally intoxicated but wasn’t belligerent and cooperative the whole time. He also told me that he spoke with the parents and that just talking with them he believes they will straighten out the situation. I can handle giving the kid a chance.

Mom and dad drive the young man home. All is well or that is what I thought. I drive back toward my beat and by the time I get there I get a domestic call. The call comes out that dad and son were fighting because the son wanted to drive away and the son could be intoxicated. I didn’t have to think twice on this, I knew the same kid. I drive all the way back and I see the kid sitting on the curb in the street. I see him and he is all bowed up and saying I kicked his ass. I cuff and stuff. I’m not playing with this kid anymore. I spoke to the parents and when they got home the kid was angry. Dad was trying to calm him down and the kid and dad started wrestling. No punches were thrown but dad had a little cut on the top of his bald head. Dad advised it was probably from the wall when they were wrestling around. Neither wants to press charges and but I still hook the kid up for PI.

I think this is funny because I snagged this arrest from the other officer. The one that should have arrested this clown in the first place. The one that thinks he can beat me in stats this month. He is still leading but the month isn't over yet.


I caught a guy attempting to sell a power drill at 0330 in the middle a the night for "Gas Money". While contacting another Officer by phone I saw this man reach down toward his sock. Thinking this dip shit had a gun I patted him down for weapons. I found a warm glass crack pipe in his sock.

I just don't understand these people. This crack pipe had steel wool in the pipe and was being used as a filter. Of coarse this crackhead corrected me and stated it was a Brillo pad. He said the chemicals give him a higher high. He said this with a huge smile and his teeth looked all jacked up. Looked like there were just coming in.....or going out. What a jack ass.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boston PD video.

This video infuriates me 20 different ways. I thank god I don’t live in the north because people up there are straight dickheads. Why is no one helping Officer Colombo? I understand if you have two regular people fighting and you don’t know who the good guy is or the bad guy is. But come on! Do you really not know who the good guy is in this scenario?

I’m also pissed because that dumb bitch Jane Swanson recording this fight. She is not recording to help anyone out but herself. She is trying to make a quick buck like the Rodney King video. And what sucks is she does get her 15 minutes of fame.

Next you got people just walking past Officer Colombo minding their own business. You know this is horrible when an officer is fighting for his life and someone is trying to walk on the sidewalk. I mean what was Officer Colombo thinking??? Move bitch get out of the way.

Next that dumb bitch on the phone calls 911 after the fight is being broken up by some good citizens. Way to go Jane Swanson, way to be a hero after the fight is over. I really hope you get your ass whooped and no one comes to help you out. BITCH.

And finally I know it sounds good for Officer Colombo to say he had no hard feeling for the on lookers. Fuck that. I know that is a big public relations thing but that is really screwed up. What would your wife say if you were dead or what would your kids say? Again thank you citizens of Boston for almost letting this Officer get killed.

I credit this fight to you Officer Colombo, not the citizens. I thank you for staying in shape and never giving up in this fight. You are also a better man than me. I don’t know what Massachusetts law is, but here in Texas deadly force is justified if someone attempts to take my service weapon. It also doesn’t look like he only attempted once or twice. Great job Officer Colombo you definitely deserve to wear the badge.

End note: Fuck you Jane Swanson; I hope you catch gonarria in the mouth.

Updated Alien Baby!!!

I told you I would be back to the Alien Baby home. This was a lot more serious this time. I just got back to the police department from court (See Gasoline Baby) and chatting with some fellow officers. While talking to them I hear that a Domestic violence/ attempted suicide / person with a weapon had come over the radio. This address was the Alien baby's house!!!! This was actually my day off but wanted to make scene because I was familiar with the situation. I run into the PD grab my tactical equipment, and keys to a patrol unit. I also grabbed the other officer that went with me to court to come along. He wanted to drive but that shit wasn't happening. He should have known better also. We hop in the car and fly out to the scene. We arrive and officers had already made entry. I walk into the living room and the Sgt on duty was shaking his head. I look over into the bathroom and see a female officer sitting down on the ground next to the bathtub. This female officer has both arms in the bath tub and I’m thinking the worst because FD and Medical were advised to step up their response. I rush in there and the mom from the other night was lying in the bath tub naked. I rush in there attempting to assist the other officer. I’m looking for blood, weapons or anything out of the ordinary. I don’t see anything but nasty wrinkled up naked mommy body. That was gross. I don’t mind seeing titties from time to time but yuk. Sgt was laughing because he just did the same thing. Everything was 10-4 and needed medical to make scene to tend to her mental state more than anything.

I talked to the Sgt and let him know what had happened the other night. He filled me in on what had happened with her prior to us arriving. The mom and dad met with CPS earlier and they found that the dad got custody of the 3 children and the mom could not be around them at all. The order stated that the mom had to leave the residence when the children returned. The order also stated that the child had to return to the residence immediately. So that means the mom has to get her shit and get the fuck out! Crazy ass mom decides that if she couldn’t have her kids then she has no reason to live. She runs / hops to the kitchen and grabs some knives. The dad is wrestling with her so that she doesn’t cut herself. He gets the knife away from her and throws all the knives in the back yard and locks that door. At this point he contacts 911. She then hops to the bathroom, takes off her bra and ties it around her neck. Dad takes that away and looks around for anything else she could possibly hurt herself with. He doesn’t find anything. She starts stripping down to nothing and pretend to jump in the shower. Well dad didn’t check the bathroom too well because she found a dog leash and tied that round her neck and had locked it in place. He is attempting to take it off but it’s secured on very well. Officers arrive on scene and they were able to remove the leash from her neck. I told you this bitch was crazy.

FD and Medical checked her out and we admitted her to the hospital for psychiatric help. See I hate saying I told you so but I TOLD YOU SO. I knew this lady was crazy. I truly hope that she gets help she needs.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gasoline Baby

I had court today on an issue that happened about 3 weeks ago. I love court but I hate getting up early. The time i go to bed and wake up is set and don’t break my biological clock for nothing. As you read in my third resolution Blog, I get up every day at 15:38 pm. Well today’s court was at 1330 hrs. I had to get up at 1100 hrs and had to drive about 60 minutes away to another county. . If I do not get my sleep I’m all jacked up for the day. I’m just off. Normally my court times are at 830hrs in my city which I’m fine with because normally I just work over and I haven’t gone to bed yet. But nooooooooooooo I had to drive out to bfe.

Nah I’m just complaining. This case was good. It was about a mom, 19 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter. It was about 0200 hrs, a couple days before Christmas and one of my officers noticed a SUV driving around in a few parking lots with its lights off. He notified me and I staged up to watch this vehicle. While watching this area I noticed what looked like a cat in a back of a pickup truck moving along the side of the bed. Remember I’m stage up about 50 yards in pitch black darkness. Well this cat all the sudden produces a hand and lifts up the lid to a tool box that was attached to the bed of the truck and stick the other hand in and pulls out an unknown object. Either this cat was really talented or I was watching a real life harry potter character. That cat was actually a head of a female that was lying on her stomach and all I could see was the top of the head. She slides out and I see that it really is a person and I’m thinking cool this is going to be fun. It’s not that easy to catch a burglar. Normally we do reports all day long on burglaries and wish we could just catch one. My blood is boiling.

I call out that we have a burglary in progress. I swoop in and she starts to run westbound. I yell stop police as she is fleeing. She continues to run. Another officer pulls right in front of her. She turns around and she trying to run back to the vehicle which was southeast of her current position. Of coarse I beat her to the vehicle and I’m about to just bulldog tackle her to the ground and she throws up her hands and yells I give up. And yes, I would have taken her to the ground and she would have gone hard. Sorry but if you’re fleeing, I will catch you and you will get hurt. Luckily she got smart really quick because I’m not some fat donut eating pig. I’ll rock your world and smile while I’m doing it. Just give me the opportunity. Shorting the story she was with her 35 year old mom stealing everything that was not secured down. Mom was cuffed and stuffed by three other officers in the area.

After the daughter was searched she kept on complaining about her 2 year old baby sister. I did a quick search of the driver and passenger side of the vehicle for weapons and found nothing. I smelled some gasoline but didn’t think much of it because that car stunk anyway. I unhandcuffed her and allow her to tend to a screaming baby sister. I'm still carefull and just being prepared for something to happen. The first thing the older sister does is get into the passenger side of the vehicle and gets a cigarette out and lights it. No big deal right. She gets out of the front passenger side and opens the back passenger side door. All I can see is gas cans. I freak out. I grab that cigarette toss it out and cuff her ass up again and throw her in my car. I’m not playing the lets set someone on fire game. Another officer tends to the baby. He pulls the child out and checks on her well being. This officer informs me that he had never seen a diaper so full before. He estimated that the baby had shit at least three times and had not been change for over a day. They had no diapers at all in the vehicle so we immediately have someone go and purchase some items to clean up the child.

A little bit later I’m inventorying the vehicle and while in the back seat and I’m choking on the gasoline fumes. There were 5 full to half full red gasoline containers located in the back seat within reach of this baby. Talk about PISSED. I get mad about parents smoking around kids. I get mad at parents “forgetting” to change a diaper. But I CANNOT believe she was smoking in the vehicle with those gas cans right next to the child. There were cigarette butts everywere in the vehicle so I knew this was not the first time she was smoking in the car. On this case there was no calling a relative to take kid. I contacted Child Protective Services and recommended that the child be taken immediately.

The child’s dad is currently in prison for burglary. The Mom was out that night she got arrested for Burglary and had warrants for burglary. The 19 year old daughter has her first charge of burglary. This was just a big thieving family.

Today I meet up at the PD with another officer and we make our way out to this other county. I and this other officer rode together and 2 other officers met us there. Prior to us leaving the PD, I told the other officer that he had to drive and he got pissed because he was going to tell me to drive. Ha ha beat him to it. This put me in a good mood. We arrive and we walk into the courthouse. We are walking through the hallway and I look over and there is the 19 year old girl with (later found out) to be her attorney. They both give the priceless look of ohhh shit….. they showed up all the way out here. I’m really in a good mood.

We arrived upstairs, met up with the other officers and one of the officers knows the bailiff. This was really cool because she was funny as hell and had some dirt on my buddy and she was not afraid to share. So we had a good time waiting.

After about 2 hours we are informed that they are going to accept a plea deal with CPS and we will not have to testify. We are like awesome. Then they tell us they are going take custody away from the mom and give it to the 19 year old. The officer I road with looked over at me and asked if I was ok. I was like fuck no I’m not. That bitch almost killed that kid and is not fit at all. I don’t normally get this emotional in cases but when it comes to kids I cannot help it. I almost never call CPS but when I do I will file a soild case.

The prosecutor or who ever it was came over and spoke with me and I respectfully informed them that I was not in agreement with that plea. I explained what I saw with my own eyes and was well document in my report of what had happened. Five minutes later the plea is changed and the grandfather of the child would be getting custody and the mom could only see the child once a week with supervision. The judge ordered drug screens on everyone except the grandfather. At one point I thought he was going to make me get a drug test. lol The prosecutor quickly recommended a hair follicle testing. Defense attorney of coarse attempted to reject this and recommended a urine test. The judge wasn’t having this and affirmed the recommendation of the hair testing. Ha Ha ha.

My day could not have turned out better. I have never been to this county court before or worked with these prosecutors before but I was thoroughly impressed.

PS. My day gets even better look for my next blog Updated Alien baby!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Alien Baby!!!!

Wow!!! first crazy story for my blog. Last night I got called out to a domestic where a married couple was fighting. The back story is that earlier in the day, prior to my shift, the wife was driving down the road with her 11 month old female child in her lap. The wife had a major accident with her child in her lap. Wife had broken her leg in three places and the baby had a deep cut on her head. Mom advised that she had taken some medication prior to driving and had fallen asleep at the wheel. Medical came out and both mom and baby was transported to the hospital. Don’t worry the child was ok and the officer’s on scene later filed DWI and endangerment to a child on the mom. While at the hospital child protective services (CPS) were called out and the dad was notified. The dad got temporary custody of the child and the mom was ordered not to have contact with the child without supervision. The child is checked out of the hospital and the dad takes child home and all is well….for a while.

During briefing we were notified of this and informed that we will probably be dealing with the mom later when she gets out of the hospital. We were cued up that the mom was CRAZY. This was an absolute understatement. Surprise surprise we get our call out to that residence. Officers arrive on scene and the situation is that dad is inside the home and will not let the mom in because of the CPS order. That and he is probably a little pissed about his kid getting hurt. Well we get on scene and she is going nuts hopping around on her crutches on her little porch. Of course the fuck this, fuck that, in public with kids around is going on so we pull her back and try to calm her down. While that is going on officers are trying to get dad to come out so that we all can talk. He refused to open the door and wanted to talk through the door. This in the Law Enforcement community is called a clue that something isn’t right in the home. He is hiding something. Well we finally get him to open the door and we about get knocked down by the cloud of marijuana smoke coming from the home. For only one person smoking in the home, that was a big ass cloud of smoke. And there’s nothing like getting pissed at your wife for endangering your child by smoking weed around your kid. These are GREAT parents. We ask him to step out of the home so that we don’t get high on duty. We only get high off duty. Just kidding. We get dad to admit to the weed (Very difficult case here) and hook him up after we locate 5 oz of it and a box full of pipes. Normally we would have just taken possession of the narcotics but when you lock us out and refuse to open the door. That kind pisses off the police.

After that was settled we reviewed the CPS paperwork and are forced to find someone to take the children. There was also two older child in the house as well. We have two choices, CPS or an immediate family member. CPS is not my favorite organization to work with and only use them in extreme circumstances. We call Grandma to the home. Well this is mom’s mom and they don’t get along at all

While waiting for grandma to show up myself and two other officers are verbally assaulted for about an hour and a half. Showing the practiced restraint and understanding that nobody wants their kids taken away, we stand professionally and keep watch over the kids. Mom, like I said is going off. She starts talking to the 11 month old and starting saying stuff like you’re not an alien baby; you’re not an alien baby. I had to ask her what she was talking about. Mom advised that dad kept saying that the child looked like an alien. I’m losing it at this point. I look down and look at this kid and sorry but that kid did look like an alien baby. It had a big pale white bald head, big forehead and big brown bug eyes. Luckily I’m only losing it on the inside but look over to my sergeant and see a smirk. I had to leave the room. Later he told me I beat him to it because he was about to leave as well. He told me he was watching my eyes go from the kid to the mom back to the kid and would look away. He knew excately what I was doing and thinking. He said he was losing it too but after he saw me he couldn't help the smirk.

Grandma finally shows up about an hour and half after we contacted her. The children are dressed and grandma takes possession of them. This was actually a lot more difficult but trying to shorten my story.

Grandma leaves and we are about to clear the scene when I suggest that we hang outside the home to see what kind of state of mind the mom was going to be in. This is something I like to do sometimes because of personal experience in law enforcement. You don’t run off even know we want to. We hang outside the residence and just listen. Not two minutes later mom is screaming. Screaming like the worst kind you can image. I thought she was sawing off her arms and legs with the kind of noise she was making. We knock on the door to check on her and she is FREAKING out. We told her to calm down or we would be force to take her to the hospital for her well being. She told us to leave her alone and slammed the door in our face. We hang out and Sgt thanks me (this doesn’t happen much) for advising to hang out. He asks if I believe that she might be suicidal. I told him sarcastically “your three kids just got taken away from you and you’re probably going to prison for hurting your child, what do you think?” He told me it was my call. I told him we will wait and give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m not going to be responsible for this one. Not two seconds after I say that we hear crashes coming within the home and sounds like coming from the kitchen. We gear up, call out and wait for a few other officers that were down the street and make entry. HOUSE IS DESTROYED. That is her property and not my problem. We check on the welfare of her and she is still hysterical. Being a nice po-po I tell her she has two choices, going to the hospital with us or calling a friend. She tells me F you and starts to hop backwards away from us. Remember she had a broken leg and the house is a mess. TASERS OUT. Funny how that little red dot mellows people out. Also for the entire none police that don’t understand this. I’m not going to wrestle on broken glass and furniture and get myself hurt. She chills out and we call one of her friends out to stay with her. The end for now…….. We will return, I guaranteed it.

Forth New Years Resolution

My forth New Years resolution would be to become fluent in Spanish. I've have taken plenty of Spanish classes but only because it was a requirement in college or because the state requires it. I want to really focus on my own time at my own pace. I’m tired of using other officers on the street. This is really convent utilize them but I need to take a class or buy a computer program so that I can better myself. The Spanish I do know does come in handy but I feel that the more I know the better. This is the one goal that I feel is going to be the toughest to obtain.

By the way Hispanics that doesn’t speak English, LEARN SOME F’N ENGLISH. If you take this the wrong way you can suck it too. When I go to Mexico, I attempt to speak Spanish. When I went to France, and Germany, I studied the language and got a translating dictionary. I attempted to learn the language and spoke THEIR language as much as I could. The sad part is that I was only visiting these countries. Japan was the only country that I didn’t attempt to learn the language and that that’s only because IT'S JAPAN!!!!! This is impossible to learn just picking up a translator. Unless you have really studied Japanese you’re really going to have a difficult time reading those symbols. Can you tell I love to travel and see other cultures?

I’m mainly complaining about this because everyday I pull someone over that immediately states “No speaka English”. Well, after stroking them as many tickets I can think of, they normally can speaka English really fast. I think that some Hispanics have learned that some lazy officers are too lazy to do their job when they run into a language barrier. Sorry, but I’m not lazy and I’m 100% when it comes to my job. I give lots of breaks to lot of people but don’t think I’m dumb. I will stroke your ass if you lie or try to deceive me. I don’t care if you have big tit’s, good looking, or famous, you will get a ticket if you try. Now I do understand that some Hispanics might have a visitation green card or some kind of paper work stating your visiting but 6 years in law enforcement I have NEVER ran into someone here that is on vacation legitimately.

Here is my two cents. I don’t care if you’re here. I don’t blame you for wanting to come here. If you want to be in America do it legally, learn the language, and most of all, don’t break the law. I’m not one of those bible thumping conservatives that say deport them all and build a fence. NO, be smart and let them assimilate over here legally. We need to impose better laws so that they can work over here. How about you first learn the language then you can work. That would be a first step and indication that you are wishing to be an American not just someone living in the United States. The next step would be getting raped by the IRS like all true American’s. lol

I remember about 6 months ago I was eating lunch with 2 Hispanic officers, one male and one female. We were talking about Bushy’s new immigration plan. The female officer stated that she doesn’t think that Hispanics should be forced to learn the English language. I and the other male officer were like WHAT!!!!! We understand that America doesn’t have an official language but it’s the most spoken language in the country. It’s also the universal language. It’s not like we are trying to make you do something that is against your religion or making you fuck a sheep or anything like that. It’s called common courtesy. I would do it for you if I was ever allow to move to Mexico.

Well we were dumbfounded when she said that because we mainly talking about imposing that $5000.00 charge to move here. I’m for this charge because mostly the illegal Hispanics that come over here to work and send the money home to Mexico. I don’t blame them but how is this benefiting our economy when you don’t spend it here.

Well I kind of went off the point of bettering myself. I will be looking into buying a computer program. I would love if I could find a Spanish teacher that could personally teach me on my schedule. That would be the day!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Third New Years Resolution

My third resolution is to hit the gym more often. Well actually just hit the gym. I work nights and sleep during the day. I get up at 15:38 pm every afternoon whether I work or don't. On my days off I could head straight to the gym but I hate that 4 pm crowds. I know this is just an excuse and negative attitude (see first Resolution) but I feel that waiting for machines and weights can really throw a wrench into your work out. I have been working out for 14 years and have studied many aspects in weight lifting, nutrition, and cardiovascular exercises. May of last year I was probably in the best shape of my life. I was working out, eating right, running 5 days a week. I switched hours and wasn't able to stay on the same work out schedule.

The crew I used to work out with consisted of an ex-marine and an ex-navy seal. These two guys are huge and make me look scrawny. We had a great system of working out and we never missed a day. I got pretty big working out with my buddies. I miss those times.

I do have weights at home but haven’t been as motivated to work out. I have worked out a little bit and run ever once and a while but it’s not the same. I’m sorry but I’m not going to get fat and be a lazy ass that cannot even hop over a fence if I need to. I think that is an embarrassment and a safety issue to the department if you let yourself go. If I have to chase after someone on foot and you cannot even keep up jogging, that is flat out pitiful. Get off the street and go be an old ass pencil pusher like the other old geezers that are just waiting for retirement. Sorry guys, I do like your old stories but I rather be living those stories at your age, not telling them. I’m not letting myself go!

What is funny to some but pisses me off, is that I have lost 15-20 pounds of muscle mass since May of 2007. I have people at work that say I would do anything to lose that much weight. I want to tell them that if they get off their fat ass and stop shoveling food in that pie hole they call a mouth, they probably could lose weight. Also a little exercise will help. Keep on sticking those placebos you call diet pills down your throat and keep praying to shed those pounds. It’s not going to work fat ass.

It is offensive to me when people tell me "you look like you lost weight", well done. Sorry, if it was fat content, I would be A-O-K about that. Muscle weights more than fat and I know my chest, traps and arms have took the biggest hit on this weight loss. Boo-hoo right! Well this is why my third resolution is to hit the gym.

Second New Years Resolution

My second resolution was to start up this Blog. My goal is to log on at least 3-4 times a week and submit all the funny and crazy things that go on in my day. Let me tell you that I could type all day on all the funny / stupid things I see. The main purpose of me starting this blogger website is so that I can log all the funny stuff that happens to me in my life.

A few weeks ago I recently got onto the blogger website and wanted to look up an old friend’s blogger site. I went back and started reading some of the older entries and I was laughing so hard at some of the stuff he entered. Most of the stuff I was involved in and it was amazed how just reading those entries brought back so many memories.

Another reason I wanted to start this site up is that I’m bored. I have copious amount of time to burn. Since I work nights I try to stay on the same schedule when I’m off. I’m off about 3-4 nights a week so I have plenty of time to myself. I love saying that too. Normally people are so busy within the day they have barely enough time to sleep. I say I have plenty of time to burn but in reality I could be doing other things. The problem is that the neighbors probably wouldn’t like me mowing or working on my house at 3am in the morning. Another problem is that there isn’t much to do at these late hours. Nothing is open and the people I know that up at this hour I work with.

I’ve also researched anything and everything on the internet. I need to supplement my time with something useful. I want a hobby that could possibly make me a little extra cash. I’m sure there is someone out there saying I could do this or I could do that. If you are that someone leave me a message on the comments. Just make sure it’s something that is fairly cheap to do in my home or garage. One of my buddies suggested that I day trade over in Japan. Number one what kind of screwed up suggestion is this. Number two I told him I wanted to do something cheap. I know a little bit about day trading and it’s not cheap not even the penny stocks. Also what do I know about Japan. Should I learn Japanese and then just hand over my money to something I know nothing about? Well I do know sushi very well should I invest in chopsticks? Oh I bet I could make a lot of money getting stock in little wooden sticks. Give me break. What I should do though is make fancy chop sticks and sell them back to Japan. That would be funny right!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

First New Years Resolution

I have never been big on New Years Resolutions but this year I've wanted to make a few to hopefully better my life. Right now I only have four resolutions and plan to look into anything else that would make me an overall better person.

My first resolution was that I want to be a more positive person. Someone probably reading this is probably thinking to themselves, man this guy must be a real negative jerk. Well actually, yeah I kind am. Also I normally wouldn't have use the adjectives “negative” or “jerk” (lol) in my previous statement. I'm also working on cleaning up my language. I’m not crazy raging bad temper negative but I do think negatively of people. I get frustrated and cannot understand why people do certain things they do. Sometimes I vent to close friends about these people but mostly because I cannot believe how dumb people really are.

The reason I say I'm negative is because I've been burned so many times. I was raised to think the best of people. I had a good childhood. Growing up my family and friends was very supportive and seemed like they would do anything for you. I credit my positive back ground to two things, my father and the military. And I'm talking military preGWB. That's a whole another story. In today’s world it just appears that people only care about themselves. There are no longer neighbors you can trust. There are no longer courteous drivers on the road. Nobody seems to open doors for women or help children when they fall down. People have no honor or integrity in America anymore.

These are just a few of the things that put me into a bad mood. I just feel that people can really be better than what they normally are. Another thing I get upset at is lazy people. Ahhhhhhh. I have to stop. Just typing the statement lazy people frustrates me. People are good and should focus on making themselves better people. I’m going to do this for myself and going to try not to focus on what everyone else is doing. I can only control one person and that’s me. Smile, have a great day and have fun at what ever you do.